I am often asked if it is possible to self-prescribe as far as remedies are concerned – this is possible if that is what you would like to do then you will find the list of the remedies below and what we use them for.

Agrimony – Hiding your problems behind a smile – when you ask then how they are the standard reply is “I’m fine” – this remedy will allow you to talk more about your feelings.

Aspen – Fears and worries coming from an unknown origin, good for treating night terrors for children.

Beech – Intolerant of others, critical in a negative way – enhances positive criticism.

Centaury – Weak willed and easily led – for those of you who find it hard to say No and as a result take on too much.  Saying No will be much easier with Centaury

Cerato – Seeking advice and confirmation from others – for people who do not trust their own judgement. For those who constantly question their actions

Cherry Plum – Fear of losing control – for those who are losing control of their behaviour. When behaviour becomes quite irrational – learn from your mistakes and look to the future.

Chestnut Bud – Failure to learn from past mistakes – unable to learn from past behaviour but able to move forward with experience behind you.

Chicory – Possessive and over-protective – for the overly protective and for others who are strong willed and expect others to conform to their ideas

Clematis – Dreaminess- lack of interest in the present – for those who live in their own world and not interest in the real world.

Crab Apple – Poor self-image- sense of uncleanliness – this is for cleansing the mind and the body

Elm – Overwhelmed by responsibility, for those usually capable and competent people who are totally overwhelmed by life or workload and responsibilities.

Gentian – Discouragement and despondency – for doubters – feeling a little low and fed up but there is hope

Gorse – Hopelessness and despair – in its extreme – here it is a case of no hope

Heather – Self Preoccupied, self-concern, talkative – this is for those who are totally preoccupied with their own situation, has a need to be heard

Holly – Anger, envious, jealous, feelings of hatred, the anger here can be quite aggressive.

Honeysuckle – Living in the past – this remedy will gradually allow the memories to fade

Hornbeam – that Monday morning feeling – but doesn’t just apply to Monday- can’t face the day ahead – gives you a feeling of optimism and hope and rejuvenation.

Impatiens – Impatience – wanting to live and do things at a much faster pace

Larch – lack of confidence – feels emotional inferior and unwanted and unsuccessful, very often the phrase is “I can’t” but they can

Mimulus – Fear of known things – fear of flying, heights, spiders, agoraphobia, these fears all known and specific

Mustard – Deep gloom of no origin – sudden depression for no reason – an inexplicable sadness for no know reason

Oak – exhausted by struggling on – feeling of pushing water up hill – allows you time to sit and relax and put work behind you.

Olive – Lack of Energy – physical or mental exhaustion – this remedy will provide you with renewed strength and revitalisation.

Pine – self reproach and guilt -those who are full of self-guilt and self-reproach

Red Chestnut – Fear or overconcern for others – for the person who always thinks the worst will happen when someone leaves home

Rock Rose – terror in the extreme – fright and flight syndrome this will calm you

Rock water – Inflexible, Self-denial – someone who is always looking for perfection

Scleranthus – uncertainty, indecision – gives you time to decide which direction you wish to continue in.

Star of Bethlehem – After Effects of Shock – shock or grief – whether its current or delayed.

Sweet Chestnut – extreme mental anguish – total despair

Vervain – Over enthusiasm – about a cause or task – will follow this with vigour no matter the result

Vine – assertive and inflexible – they are always sure they are right

Walnut – Protection from change be it physical, mental or hormonal – to help with moving house, menopause, puberty, change of job, moving on in life to a new situation, teething in a baby

Water Violet – Proud and aloof – wants to alone but can also feel lonely and miserable

White Chestnut – For those unwanted thoughts – especially when trying to sleep – mind monkeys

Wild oat – seeking a purpose in life but unsure where to go and where to start

Wild Rose – Resignation apathy – accepting of their lot

Willow – Self-pity resentment – poor me attitude – feeling very sorry for themselves.  This can pull you down and is often