A little bottle of pure magic …..

Rescue Remedy the amazing little bottle with a bright yellow label and most people will have either heard of or seen on the high street.  This little bottle contains 5 of the Bach Flower remedies – Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose Cherry Plum and Clematis and I would just like to explain a little bit about them in conjunction with when it can be used, and how this amazing little bottle can help you in your hour of need.

Rescue remedy is useful in emergencies, for calming the nerves before a driving test, for the dread before a trip to the dentist, pre-exam nerves, if you have received some bad news, been involved in a car accident – that sort of instantaneous situation, Rescue remedy will help you feel better. It will help to reduce the fear and nervousness and generally restore a more rational feeling.

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The individual remedies are all there for a reason – Star of Bethlehem to counteract the shock and help balance the feelings to help you recuperate, Impatiens to enhance relaxation and to act calmly and in less haste and cope with what is happening, Cherry Plum will bring about a calm mind and allow you to think rationally and act accordingly, Rock Rose – is used for terror but will restore a sense of calmness and Clematis will allow you to feel grounded and in control of the situation.

If you find you are taking Rescue Remedy on a continuous basis I would advise looking further at the other remedies which are available to see if we can find a more appropriate solution.

There is also a series of Night Rescue Remedies which contain White Chestnut which is a remedy to calm the mind and stop the recurring thoughts at night which stop us from sleeping.

We also have Rescue Remedy Cream which has added Crab Apple to help with skin problems for external application.