17th May – the day of the new beginning.  How are you feeling with the thought of the new beginnings?  The government says we can meet indoors – no more freezing outside for a coffee!  Are you looking forward to hugging your family? Are you booking a table at a restaurant for supper with friends?  Or are you terrified of the next step!!!

Having kept ourselves and ourselves for the last 15 months – we are suddenly told we can start hugging – this could be quite traumatic for some but a desperate delight to others.  I, I for one will be taking it steadily, others I know can’t wait and I also know of some will still be wanting the 2 metre distance.

Mimulus – is the remedy for the fear of the known. The remedy to take you from the fear of the world to the Trust of the world, this remedy will help you to overcome all the fears of everyday life.  Do you suffer in secret and cope gently?

It is often difficult to recognise the people who need this remedy because they keep their fears hidden and they can range from a fear of spiders to a fear of heights, it can include almost every type of fear known to mankind.

Some people with Mimulus traits are quiet, mice like and often very fragile, they can also often be prone to blush or stammer or giggle nervously.

Another symptom in need of this remedy is the patient who is overcautious of convalescing – when for example they break a leg and after it comes out of plaster they don’t dare use it or move it for fear of hurting it again.

The fears of the known can be as much as being afraid of being alone but are also shy and nervous in company.  In this case they will become isolated as well and then we look to fear of going out and venturing forward.

In children it can be shown by the child who fears strangers and holds on to Mum and Dad and will also refuse to listen to Fairy tales that contain violence.  Think also of the child who does like to go to school, who is quiet and timid with others.

The addition of a couple of drops of Mimulus for children will bring them a release to normality to learn to adapt to life with their peers, and free them from every day terrors.  This remedy is literally life changing.

For adults the experience is much the same – you will feel up to the worlds challenges and able to bravely get involved in the next task,  you will have developed a personal courage and understand others in similar situations.

Embrace the statement of empowerment “I am brave”