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I am delighted to be able to combine onto one website the work that I also do with the animals and the remedies.

Animals too have their emotions and as a result of coming to the remedies from the work I did with our own pony Moonbeam, it is appropriate to run the two businesses to come together.

The Bach Flower remedies and alternative therapies are a natural way for you to spend time enjoyably with your animals.

I predominantly work with horses, dogs and cats but have also treated rabbits and guinea pigs.

My aim is to enhance the time you spend with your four-legged friends and improve the bonds that you have.

The remedies can help with the following traits:-

  • Separation anxiety
  • Bonding,
  • Behaviour problems
  • Aggression
  • Fear

My therapies are carried with both the owner and the animal present, if possible, but following a consultation and observation, we will discuss the relevant remedies. I will thenl blend the remedy for you to dispense to your animal(s).

Dr Bach strongly believed that his remedies were there to be used with all living creatures to better their emotional needs. 

I work a lot with Rescue dogs helping to alleviate their past traumas and terrors and giving them a better chance to settle into their new environments.

With horses, if they have been badly treated in the past, the remedies can have the same relaxing effect and allow them to feel free of their past experiences.

I also can offer Reiki or Kinesiology for your animals all of which help both physical and mental problems.

Our dog snoopy
Moonbeam the pony
Dog with thank you card
Dog, horse and cat - a natural way

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Bach Flower Remedies

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