During the last 2 years of Covid 19 and lockdowns I have met so many wonderful people and only a few of you may be aware of where I come from and how all this started for me.  I love my starting story as it has provided me with so much.

How did this beautiful pony become the start of my world with Bach Flower Remedies?  I also want to introduce you to the world of remedies for animals – a new page for my website.

I first started my training for Holistic therapies in 2000, after we had moved to the Witterings, when I wanted to find something relaxing to do!  I took up ceramics and was told by the lecturer that I wasn’t particularly creative – so I decided to study Reflexology and Indian Head Massage over a period of a year.  It was amazing.  At this time, I also met a lovely lady who was to become my Reiki Master and she introduced me to a very different world and some truly wonderful people.  At that time a lot of my friends thought that we were dancing with fairies at the bottom of the garden!

The move to the Witterings also brought us to buy my daughter a pony during 1997, he was a delightful pony, with plenty of spirit and character and was very much loved. Moonbeam’s feisty behaviour led to many conversations within the stable yard, especially when he would launch himself at the field gate every morning – along with the head collar and lead rope, quite dangerous for both pony and handler. In an attempt to resolve this problem I ultimately had a conversation with a local lady who worked with Bach Flower Remedies.  I had never heard of them, and she introduced me to this wonderful world. We had a long conversation about Moonbeam and she gave me a small brown bottle with some remedies – and the instructions were to give to Moonbeam for the next 30 days.

We duly applied the remedy to carrots and apple – and on the third day we put him out into the field, and he walked out as quiet as a lamb. The charging behaviour promptly stopped, and he never did it again for the next 20 years. Moonbeam passed in 2017. The remedies never changed his character, but they did change his emotions and eased his fears. He simply wasn’t frightened anymore.

This was a momentous event for me. I knew I had a passion for Holistic Therapies and in particular the Bach Flowers, but I also realised my desire to help people. I did an introductory Bach Flower course at a local college and then took myself off to Wallingford in Oxford to study my level 2 in Bach Flower Remedies. Studying in the house where Dr Bach worked and lived and looking at the amazing garden from where he grew the plants he used as tinctures was amazing. At this point in time the qualification allowed me to use the remedies to help with my other therapies – my Reiki, reflexology and by now I had also studied Kinesiology and become a Touch for Health Therapist. I took my Bach Flower practitioner course in 2013 and have been able to work properly as a counsellor with the remedies from then.

Over the last 9 years I have been lucky enough to work very successfully with many clients – looking at a wide variety of anxieties and problems.  I have many thanks to say to that wonderful little pony Moonbeam who was responsible for teaching me about these amazing remedies.

In April 2020 I was then furloughed, and this gave me the opportunity to look at the full-time world of Bach Flower Remedies and what joy this has brought me.  I spend my day making people feel better about themselves and allowing them to leave the past behind them.  It is absolutely fabulous.