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Please fill in your details in this form, select the remedy you wish to book and add any additional information.

In the case of Bach Flower Remedy Consultations, please state how you would like to receive your session – on Skype, Zoom, telephone or in-person.  I can’t book you the appropriate time without this information.

You are welcome to outline your goals for your booking, anything you feel you are struggling with right now, or any other relevant details.  The information in this form is confidential between you and me, Ros.


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Remedies by Ros Therapies

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Bach Flower Remedies

A confidential, private consultation with Ros, in Person or online.

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A non invasive therapy for health, relaxation and stress using your hands and feet.

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Indian Head Massage

A therapy from Ayurveda to relieve symptoms and aid revitilisation.

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Reiki Healing

Healing energy for physical and emotional symptoms. Safe and natural healing.