My remedy for discussion this week is Walnut – the provider of protection from outside influences – especially needed when we are presented with situations involving change.

This remedy makes such a difference to us and enables us to feel safe and protected when making changes in our lives, it allows us to stay on the path we have decided and not to be swayed by other people’s ideas.

If also helps us negotiate periods of transition in our life’s – such as puberty, adolescence, Menopause, changing job, redundancy, retirement and other traumatic events in our life’s which all need a steadying hand to just allow us to steady our emotions.

Any situation involving major change can result in increased stress and therefore an increase in inner instability.  In periods of this kind, even stable people who normally know very well what they want can be inclined to wander.  The remedy can help keep them unresolved and moving forward.

One way to describe how the negative state of walnut can make us feel is that of a person in a boat that is waiting to take him across the river, he can see the opposite bank but the boat is still tied up – he just needs to release the boat and make the change.

This remedy as Dr Bach wrote is for those who have decided to take a great step forward in life, to break old conventions and leave old limits and restrictions – a farewell to all of this is not easy but this is where the Walnut remedy comes into play.

For me this week I am using the Walnut remedy to help me create a new home for my mum in a care home.  She will be leaving the family home which I have known for 45 years, we must change her phone number – she has had this number for 60 years!!! It’s the only number I have ever known for her – although I have never lived at this house for me it will always be her home and my heart is in there.  It has been tough, but the Walnut remedy is here and it is keeping my nerves steady and even.

Allowing these changes to take place can in most instances only result in a better picture and if thought is applied and given then and you allow the boat to be released you will reach your destination and find all that you need.

Walnut is also the remedy that can help with the natural changes in our life’s – the puberty stage for young girls, adolescence in children and teenagers, menopause for the ladies, and PMT the changes that take place within our hormonal system can be eased with the use of Walnut, the remedy will allow us to accept the changes and to relax with them and learn to negotiate them carefully and slowly.

It is an interesting note to think that the walnut kernel and cerebrum show very similar convolutions.  The present view is that decisions are made in the cerebral cortex, and with the hard outer shell that protects the inner kernel – this is where the similarities of the nut and the remedy are linked.

The positive effects of taking the Walnut remedy are beautiful, you will feel you are almost immune to other peoples influences and open to inner inspiration, you will be able to move forward with your life plans, and possibly even dare to do what is new