Over the past few weeks, I have heard from a lot of working mums who are feeling tired, overwhelmed, anxious and generally exhausted and who have a feeling of acceptance as that this is how they should feel.  Thankfully there is a lot we can do and I wanted to share the wonderful world as to how the Bach Flower remedies can help.  Exhaustion and general weariness can get to us all at times and over a period of just a couple of months the remedies can help you feel so much better

The Bach Flower remedies have a wonderfully quiet and calming way of gradually alleviating the negative emotions and unknowingly you start to feel better, I have listed below some of the remedies that we can use to help ease these feelings.

There are many reasons as to why we feel tired and we need to allow our bodies a chance to rest, our cars all rest when we aren’t driving and the are serviced and repaired when needed, we look after all of our belongings, but we don’t seem to have time to look after us.  Our bodies work 24/7 breathing, thinking, keeping the blood flowing around our bodies, keeping us standing up and then we wonder why we are tired.

The first feeling I want to look at is Exhaustion – that feeling of struggling on no matter how tired you are!  Do you sometimes feel as if you are going round in circles as you are so tired?  The feeling of pushing water up hill but when you sit down you feel so guilty because there is always something that you should be doing. The Oak remedy is just for this situation – this beautiful creation will enable you to feel less exhausted but also allow you to stop and rest and regain your strength without the feeling as you should still be busy – the oak doesn’t grow all the time and can grow for 100’s of years. This remedy will allow you to just be still for a while during the day and catch your breath.

A spreading Oak tree

Next, lets look at the lack of energy – this is slightly different to the exhaustion – it can also lead to lethargy and that feeling of general staleness – here we introduce the amazing Olive – the remedy for rejuvenation and revitalisation – this gorgeous tree gives a jewel to just lift the mood, raise the spirits and allow you to see the world in a different light.  It will give you a new sense of purpose.

When the tiredness and exhaustion creep in then tempers often start to fray at the edges and this is when I look to give Impatiens – our remedy for impatience and frustration – to allow you to overlook the little irritating things in life and realise the bigger picture – tiredness and blow everything out of proportion and Impatiens is the remedy to allow you to see it all in a calmer and quieter way and where impatience and frustration may arise – you will find a quiet sense of calm and patience.

Overwhelm – the feeling of the straw that breaks the camel’s back – just unable to take on anymore. If you have the role of working mum, looking after a full-time job and running a home and children as well very often it can seem as if the work is never done.  It can be at this time when the smallest of things can totally overwhelm you and put everything out of all proportion – this is where Elm comes to play – it is the file sorter, the remedy to balance the priorities and allow you to see the wood for the trees – the perfect solution for the finding you way back to normality.

In amongst all the above there can be many other emotions – all of which can create huge turmoil and the smallest thing in your life’s can set them off.  Lack of confidence and lack of self-belief can creep in – here we would use Larch – regain your courage. There are also a host of fears that unravel in your mind and if you have a fear that you can put a name to then Mimulus is the remedy we could also use.

This is just a brief selection of the major remedies that we could look at.  Please give me a call or drop me an email if you would like to know more and I would be very happy to chat.