Dr Bach has given us a remedy to help with the following:- teething, puberty, pregnancy, divorce, menopause, moving home changing jobs, giving up smoking, loss of friends or familiar circumstances, ageing, bereavement and much more – if you would like to know more this is the blog that will reveal the beautiful remedy….

This week in the words of the press is a time for huge change, how do you adapt to change – not just in regard to Covid but generally in life, do you welcome change or do you resist?  Do you accept it as another part of your life or are you happy with the status quo?  I am looking at adolescence, mid-life changes and that of the older generation as well.

Every day life presents us with a series of changes, and challenges within this, from the simple thought as to what we should wear to work today and what we should eat to the extreme of deciding to move house.

How many times do you see youngsters all wearing similar styles of clothes – especially young girls – at a young age the ability to change or be slightly different is quite challenging but it is something we can improve on with age.

Is your decision as to a film you should watch or a book you read swayed by someone else or do you decide for yourself?  Do you make your relationship decisions based on the opinions of others?

Changes take place within our bodies throughout our lives, there is adolescence and puberty – the first major changes hormonally that occur – how many times do I hear people say “he’s a teenager” or “Teenage moods”.  Do we ever stop to understand what is happening for these young people?  Their hormones are changing so fast that they really are quite unable to cope, their brains are not fully developed and in actual act what the need is a little bit of understanding and encouragement to allow them to develop and learn what is going on in their heads and their bodies.  Instead of being allowed to shut themselves away they need to be nurtured, to be able to understand what is happening to them and that we as adults have all been there and it is nothing new, we have all had a  time of rebellion and also arguments with friends and families but we need to learn from our mistakes and talk to our children about what they are going through to help them to manage it better.

Now more than at any time we need to be discussing the changes that are happening within society for our youngsters, to explain, although they will naturally think they know it all, we need to try to help them to understand a little more from an adult perspective, very often the shouting and raised voices from them comes from a feeling of fear and bravado and the fact that this makes them feel weak.  We can give them the strength and understanding that they need by giving them some time to talk.

When we then go to the other end of the scale and look at the hormonal changes of menopause and the male “mid-life crisis”,  for some weird reason its more excusable for women to be suddenly and irrationally angry, for tempers to flare on both sides, for men to want to do irrational things and feel decidedly unsatisfied with their life.  However, we look for reasons behind it and we also look for treatments and understanding.  These emotional responses however are all because of the way our bodies change as we get older.

It is all about change and how we accept the changes, whether its moving house, changing jobs or moving through emotional changes – we need to think more about how we adapt to them and become understanding and sympathetic at the same time.  It is not always easy, but it is certainly easier if you look at it with a different perspective on things.

Take the time to consider what is happening around these people whether it be the young adult in your family or the mum who has reached a certain age, or dad who is for some reason decidedly grumpy, also consider the pensioner whose life has suddenly gone from servitude and hard work to full retirement and looking at a life of nothing!  That is a huge change if you stop to think – there is not always the pot of money to have the idyllic lifestyle, we need to consider how we react to this.  Again take the time to consider the circumstances for the individual.

Dr Bach in his amazing work gave us the amazing remedy Walnut, the positive from this is that you  will maintain the ability to move forward calmly and quietly and carry on with your plans and learn to steady your emotions and make your decisions regardless of other things around you. And not accept the protection given by the Walnut remedy.