Do you have little people starting school this week or maybe older ones going back after a fabulous summer break?

What is the atmosphere in your house now?  Are they nervous, excited, reluctant?

I have no doubt that there are fears involved in amongst all the emotions and it is those I want to talk to you about this week.  Within the Bach Flower Remedies there are two types of fears that are particularly of interest with this topic – Fear of the known and fear of the unknown – in the Bach flower world Mimulus and Aspen respectively.

We will look at first at Aspen – the remedy for the fear of the unknown – when we are talking about children, you will be looking to help a sensitive child wanting to feel brave.  They are afraid of a monster in the cupboard or the crocodile under the bed.  They will often ask for bedroom door to be left open overnight and a light to be left on.  They may have fears of unknown origins. Certainly,  if they are suffering from night terrors as tiny children then Aspen is definitely the remedy to calm them down and to help the terrors of the night disappear.  It will lead to them feeling more confident.

Where the there is as known reason for fear and in the case, we are discussing it is the start of school for the tiny ones or in some instances the return to school life after a long some holiday.

Let’s start with the tiny one heading for their first day at school – a huge step for all concerned and something thing to think about quite seriously – some children will be more than ready – others not so especially if they have not been to nursery possibly because of Covid or other family reasons then school life will come as a bit of a shock to them.  We would apply the remedy Mimulus for these little ones, wherever we can name the fear this is where this beautiful remedy comes into its own.  This remedy will give your little ones the courage they need to go to school unhindered and without worry or concern, leaving them quietly confident.

For the children who are reluctantly returning they too could have their own inner fears, maybe there has been some bullying, or maybe they are just shy and timid and just very sensitive – this remedy will help to bring them out of their shell and allow them to bloom as bright as the beautiful yellow Mimulus flower.

mumulus flower - Bright yellow small dainty flower

Mimulus can be shown to be needed in everyone right from the tiny baby to adulthood, the tiny child who starts to cry for no apparent reason when waking up is showing how painful it is to enter this physical reality.  You may also recognise Mimulus type people as being shy, and of delicate build, showing a sign of fragility, others are like frightened mice and always need a certain amount of protection.  There can also be a tendency to blush, or stammer or suddenly giggle nervously.  You may notice some of these traits yourself – if this is the case, I would suggest that the Mimulus remedy could be of great use to you.

There are also those who are good at disguising their sensitive nature and appear strong and extroverted, it is only when looking more closely that you will see the sensitivity in their hears and discover that they would rather not have much to do with the world.

The fears of course that Mimulus can help with are far reaching, fears of dentist, fling, public speaking, driving, and of course we can then look at the phobias that also count with the fears of the known.  If you allow yourself to be consumed by your fear it sadly will take a huge toll on your life.

By taking Mimulus you will find the anxiety and concerns and fears will ease and you will be able to reveal your true self.  You will possibly be able to deal with the fear more easily and manage it in a more realistic manner.  This will lead to the endless opportunities opening up for you.

If you are prescribed Mimulus by a practitioner for one specific fear – I would suggest that after a successful completion of the course and experiencing the feeling that your original fear has gone – you will certainly fear more courageous about a lot of other things in your life as well.