What does Christmas mean to you?

At this time of year avoiding Christmas is nigh on impossible in this country however Christmas creates several different emotions for all of us.  Some people are desperately excited, children are bouncing of the walls with joy and anticipation, others are stressed beyond belief, and others simply dread the thought of it.

All these emotions create a lot of different anxiety amongst us, and this is difficult for us to manage.  We are also learning to manage other people’s expectations, throw now into the picture Covid and the possibilities around that, then the whole thing turns on its head.

I have several clients who I am helping to manage the expectations of Christmas with.  When you are managing Christmas Elves at 11.00pm at night to keep the little ones happy in the morning – it can be tough. I have been looking at how this makes mums and dads feel at this time of year, and using Mimulus for the fear of disappointment, Olive is also brilliant because it provides inspiration which works to help with, and for the ultra-cautious and worried there is Larch for the confidence giver.

If you inundated with work and are also expecting guests for Christmas and a lot more work as well – again this can cause additional stress.  Its all very well saying you are happy to do it but when faced with the reality it can often give rise to total overwhelm because while you may not worry about it – your guests may be expecting more.  Here we look at Elm to take away the feeling of drowning in the mire of Christmas food prep. At the end of the day its only food and it will be eaten whether you prepare and serve like a 5 star hotel or the local pub, it will be lovely but Elm will alleviate your emotions.

Are you being asked to socialise in situations that are uncomfortable for you?  Are you worried about Covid?  Are you worried about your relatives?  All this anxiety is very stressful itself – here we would be thinking about Mimulus – for your known fears, Red chestnut for your fears and worries for others, Aspen – this is for those unknown fears that can creep up on us from time to time, and of course the Larch again for the confidence giver.  However, whilst all of these can be taken a good dose of common sense may also need to prevail as well.

The expectations of children is always high on the list when it comes to Christmas and it isn’t always possible to meet them.  Finances can prove to be a huge stumbling block at this time of the year and the competition that can arise between children and the peer pressure that is created can be totally beyond belief.  Whilst I cannot provide an additional pot of gold it could be really good time to actually take stock of the situation and play everything down. Make some changes in your lifes and start with Christmas – use Walnut to allow the changes to happen naturally with your emotions, set yourselves a financial limit and the Walnut will allow you accept the changes, use Pine to help alleviate any guilt you maybe feeling and just to gently eradicate that niggling feeling try Impatiens to keep you patient and understanding and what may be difficult situations and for when things are slightly out of control emotionally there is always Cherry plum.

You will be amazed how happy some smaller children can be with just a cardboard box and some small toys.

There are also a huge number of people who will be facing a Christmas alone, some for the first time and this is never an easy situation and certainly one that must be considered carefully, whilst you may have the daytime with family you may then be returning to an empty house and a cold dark empty house on Christmas night is not easy, also there is Boxing day to be considered too.  If you know of anyone who needs some company – now is the time to possibly considering offering a helping hand and allow time for a stranger or neighbour.  They can only say No but I am sure they will appreciate the offer.  If you are alone, allow yourself the possibility of considering 4 drops of night rescue remedy to hep settle you for the night, and in the morning take some Rescue Remedy – this will hold your nerves steady and allow you to gather your emotions.  It is an amazing pick me up and can help on so many ways.

Whatever your situation I hope you can find a way to enjoy the days and get some rest as well.

If you are struggling, then please contact me through my website: www.remediesbyros.com