Covid and the effect it has had on opportunities.

In the week of the anniversary of Lockdown I wanted to share some thoughts whilst combining it as ever with some of my Bach Flower remedies.

Lockdown has meant so many different things to people there have been disastrous consequences for a lot of people but equally some people have had some amazing success with new businesses.

I think the last months have called for a huge amount of resourcefulness and those with strength of character and a sense of opportunity and in many ways some desperation as well.  They have created some success out of what a difficult time has been.

Our remedy Wild Oat is something to think about for those who may be struggling at this time.  With this remedy we look to help those who have ambitions and seek success and a need to live life to the full, but they are uncertain as to which road and career to follow.

I think some of these people may well have had the opportunity to follow a path of their dreams.

For some of us who have been put onto furlough which for many could have been a long period of holiday and relaxation, it could also have been incredibly tedious and a very lonely time.  Many have formulated ideas for alternative employment or have looked at voluntary work which has also brought a new zest for life and a new learning – many have grasped this with both hands and have had a fabulous year with new opportunities and experiences.

The wild oat remedies relate to the Souls potential for knowing your inner purpose, if you need Wild Oat you will be unsure of your true vocation and deep-down feeling quite dissatisfied.

We all have a uniqueness within us and sometimes if this is not recognized by our parents this missing affirmation is searched for in adulthood.  Those who have been lucky to have had time to spare over the past year – or as applied to many needed to earn an additional income have had no choice but to look at alternatives and this eagerness and necessity can often overcome all our negative thoughts.

There is one trait that the negative Wild Oat can have and that is a blind enthusiasm to look for goals and direction which are untenable, when what they truly need is just in front of them.  If you feel that you need this remedy it can bring about some transformational results – a calmness and clarity and certainty in heart and mind and gradually you will have a clearer picture of all you are looking for.

As we return to the new normal and creep our way out of lockdown some will start to come off furlough and return to the normal jobs, or maybe they may consider staying with the New.  My advice would be to anyone unsure as to where they are going.  Think about what makes you happy and if its humanly possible follow that path.  Obviously, you need to consider others along the way – do not trample anyone else in your path but endeavour to create a world of happiness for yourself as this in turn will create further happiness for others.

The positive of Wild Oat is huge, talents are used constructively, and those multitalented people may find ways of pursuing more than one career at once.  Also having the power to stick at the job and not giving up when you get bored.

You will also be able to recognise your own uniqueness and find your inner vision and learn to live with it.  It sounds daft but you will find your inner calling and follow it.

“I am fulfilled”.