Are you the parent of a young person who is struggling with exams right now?  Are you struggling with ill health and need a little support?  Are you feeling a little despondent?

The remedy Gentian is for doubt and despondency primarily it is a gorgeous remedy to help ease away the niggling difficulties and discouraging thoughts when things go wrong – it is the remedy of support to help you through the challenges that life sets us.

We will face disappointments throughout our life’s, and they may leave us feeling reluctant to try again and slightly discouraged.  If you are feeling slightly low and something else comes along to discourage you even further, it could create a series of impossibilities.

If you have failed your driving test again, or not having much luck with job applications, or even a recurrent health problem – all these simple things can create this feeling of discouragement quite naturally.  It is quite natural to become pessimistic about life however with the magic of Gentian it is possible to realise a different view.

There is no such thing as failure and that all these obstacles are there to test your tenacity and true desire.  If you succeed in your achievements, they will be more worthwhile.  The driving test that is past on the 3rd attempt is more valuable and worthwhile holding onto as you will appreciate the hard work you put into getting it.  For me it was the Maths exam that had to be taken several times to do what I needed to do, persistence does pay off and is worth understanding.

Life sometimes throws us these quandaries and as adults we need to gently learn to step over them and ease ourselves forward, however if these are presented to us as children it is a lot more difficult and we need to understand and encourage them forward.  This is where this beautiful little flower will come into its own.

For the young people in our life’s who struggle at school who are nervous and have been discouraged with setbacks at school this remedy can be exceptionally useful.  It will encourage them gently to trust and believe again and appreciate and understand how useful life is.  To learn to understand that resistance and setbacks are learning steps and with every new attempt you will also develop the confidence in your abilities.

In an old quote Gentian is the remedy “to pick you up and brush yourself off and start all over again”, it always sounded tough when it was said to me when I was younger but now with the passing of years, I get it and also with this amazing remedy it actually isn’t painful at all.