My remedy for this week is quite a popular one for this time of year, those who are keen to please everyone often fine it very hard to say NO!.  However, there is one problem with saying yes to everyone,  that is you can often put yourself under pressure, this can result in dissatisfaction in yourself and possibly not getting everything done in the way that you would like to.

This remedy is for the quiet and timid amongst you, the least likely person to complain, always anxious to please, and “do the right thing”.  Working in this way will only drain you and leave you totally out of touch with your own judgement, also leaving you tired and lacking in energy.

A person in need of Centaury will say “I simply can’t refuse” or “I am just unable to say No” and outsiders will often shake their heads at the way these people are treated. If you feel that you are being treated like a “doormat” then it is time to address the situation.

The person needing Centaury will often complain of tiredness and being overworked, a result of taking too much on and this constant desire to help.  Apart from this however they don’t think of themselves.

This is the danger and needs to be addressed as the result is often not good, they are not fulfilling their own desires.  They simply yearn for the recognition and validation, but this is something that is slow to appear – if ever.

If you are a friend of a Centaury type you will note their continued and burning desire to serve others, and serve a cause, however their views will become slightly distorted.  They will make themselves subservient to others and give in to their human weaknesses instead of holding to their own principles.  You will be wanting to shake them to realise what they are doing; the chances are they are being taken advantage of and possibly being used.

If you as a person are struggling with the possibilities of being a Centaury type you need to ask yourself when being pushed into a corner “Do I really want to do this”, and when someone asks you for a favour ask yourself, “What are this person’s real motives for asking”

To counter the self-destructive behaviour seen amongst the negative Centaury people, you will need to adjust your posture, straighten your shoulders stand tall and look proud.

When you utter the word “No” the instant feeling will be that you will want to retract it, stand by your first words, don’t over think it and please endeavour not to apologise for saying it.  Be proud and take the strength that you will find within to carry you on to the next “No”.

You will then be able to concentrate time on the projects that genuinely mean the world to you and give you meaning and value.

You will find once you have benefitted from the remedy the opportunity to fulfil your personal needs and live your own life.  You will know when and why to say “yes” when necessary, you will be able to say “No” very easily – albeit carefully.

You will be able to fit in with groups without trying and at the same time staying true to yourself, and finally you will be able to serve in exactly as you wish.  Stand up straight and look the world between the eyes believing in your world. Centaury can certainly give you all you will ever need.