How tired are you?  Are you dutiful and reliable, no matter what the costs? Do you overwork yourself and then feel fed up afterwards?  Do you have a huge sense of duty?  At the end of a long day at work do you then continue to push yourself at home and not allow yourself to rest ……….

I am looking this week at the Oak remedy – for those suffering from exhaustion but struggling on.

In Dr Edwards Bach’s own words “they are brave people fighting against great difficulties, without loss of hope or effort”

That overwhelming sense of exhaustion but parallel with it is that continuous sense of duty and commitment and need to carry on, never letting go and continually trying to keep up.  The problem with this is that eventually this will catch up with you.

A true Oak character will have a very dutiful mind and help everyone in their world, and if they can struggle on despite the odds, often digging deep for the energy to carry out their responsibilities, then Oak is the remedy for you to consider.

“The Oak remedy that Ros gave me enabled me to stop and rest without feeling as if I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, only then could I really start to relax” – part of a testimonial from a client.

When you have a strong sense of duty, perhaps also being a workaholic, you are likely to push yourself beyond what could be viewed as reasonable limits of endurance.  The chances are you are aware of what you are doing but simply do not allow yourself to stop.

A spreading Oak tree

This strength of will is useful from time to time, however not over an extended period, burnout and stress are a real possibility as well as despair arising from the frustration if you become Ill – this is in actual fact quite likely to happen.

In your determination to fulfil your obligations and remain loyal and dependable you neglect your own needs.  It is as if you are so attached to struggle and fulfilment of your duties that you cannot envisage any other way of being.

There is enormous tendency in this situation for the Oak type to continue against the odds but when they eventually sit down in the evenings to relax the chances are they will also find themselves something else to do – no allowing the mind to settle quietly

The emotional wisdom of Oak means you remember to be mindful of your own wellbeing and learn how to manage your work and your time at the same time as caring for yourself.

A person in need of Oak will never take the easy way out it is they who will keep the whole family going through difficult times or who are able to sustain an entire nation in periods of crisis.  Their contribution is not always properly recognized and suitably compensated, and this is partly their own fault – they rarely show anyone their own pain.  This person will never show their weaknesses in front of others, they will never ask others for help and if they are ever ill they will always do their best to get well again quickly.

Psychologically, the root of the negative Oak person is probably back in their childhood, in families where achievements are taken for granted and little feedback is given by way of praise or approval.  When they become an adult – it becomes as purpose of its own.

By taking Oak, you will soon find that the inner pressure will reduce with the energies flowing more freely and easily your heart and body will be given new life.  You will then be able to meet your commitments without exhausting the body.

The Oak remedy has proved useful for patients recovering from long term illnesses, in situations where the patients will also grow tired of continued treatments such as physical therapy.  The Oak will provide new momentum and power to persevered in a more relaxed way.

An interesting fact about the Oak tree, they are so highly resistant that they can survive in places where the earth’s radiation is of such intensity that other trees for example the Beech will die.  These locations, however, attract lightning hence the German saying When in a thunderstorm, seek the beech tree for shelter and avoid the Oak.