A few months back I wrote a Blog about the work I did with ladies suffering from Long Covid and how the remedies had helped them coming out the other side and what we had worked through.  From looking at the Long Covid I saw huge parallels Fibromyalgia, I suffer from this personally, ME and other Chronic Fatigue illnesses.

I have now been working more than 20 people suffering from these viral related problems, I have spoken to a lot more who are looking for help but who are on medication and in some circumstances quite serious and heavy medication and they are unable to work with me as their GP has asked them to stick with what they have.  Sadly, with GP consent I am unable to do anything.    So, I am working with people who are not on medication or on very little and have consent. In most cases there is no medication involved.

Here is a review from one client: –

Ros’s flower remedies have been amazing. Ros has been treating my Long Covid for a while now. My main symptom was chronic fatigue and a foggy head and I was feeling a little depressed as I was no longer the person I once was. Her remedies really helped me come to terms with my illness and allow myself to give my body the rest it needs. As a person who was previously active and probably did way too much having to rest and take things at a slower pace has been difficult. I was struggling to accept my situation and was mourning my old self. Her remedies really help me overcome these issues and as a result my health has slowly got a lot better. Thank you, Ros – you have made a massive impact on my quality of life, and I don’t think I can ever thank you enough! If anyone else out there is suffering from similar symptoms, please don’t suffer alone and speak to Ros.”

These illnesses are not good at all, but the worst part is that no one can physically see how ill you feel.  I had a flare up a few weeks ago and because it hadn’t happened for months my husband had forgotten what happens and how I feel.  Thankfully with some exercise which had been missing and some remedies all was righted, and I was back on track in very short time.

As in long Covid there are many common denominators, invariably a traumatic event at the beginning, or a series of events, or equally an illness and in many cases Glandular fever!  The greatest problem with all of them is that there was a reluctance to allow the body to rest at the time of the trauma or illness, especially with the Glandular Fever when it can take months to recover from properly.  The instinct says on the day you feel better ok that’s great all back to normal and then sadly it comes along and wipes you out a few weeks later.

We seem incapable of treating our bodies with the respect they deserve, we treat our houses and our cars with more kindness, we rest them, we service them, we paint and repair them, and we seem to care more for them.  With our bodies – we may go to bed at night, and invariably don’t sleep well enough to rest our bodies sufficiently and then get up and start again hard at it flat out for the rest of the day.  We just need to give our bodies a time to stop and recharge.  I know its difficult but even if you can find the time for just an hour a day its better than nothing.

So, you are probably asking what we did with the above cases, initially we worked with the trauma of the illness or incident that may have happened many years before and we looked at precisely what happened and how it manifested itself.  In general, the stalwart for trauma – Star of Bethlehem – was used.  If we can remove the toxins from the adrenalin with the use of Star of Bethlehem, then we are making progress and, in some instances, this was left in for a couple of months as the initial instant may have been large and many years ago.  This remedy allows the toxins to be neutralized – it is a gentle essence way of having a massage!

We still also must deal with how they are feeling at this moment in time and how the problems affect them in their day-to-day life, whilst the need for Oak was present there was also the need for Olive as well in some cases.  The Oak the amazing remedy for the person who like to try and push water up hill – who will not give up.  This remedy allows you to accept that you need to rest and slowly allows you to realise that you can only do so much. Acceptance of this is key.  The Olive remedy is for the lethargy that can come with tiredness – a feeling of can’t be bothered, lack of inspiration – the results with this is a feeling of coming back to life – or rejuvenation.

For the clients who had been suffering for some time there was a feeling of despair – the understanding that they would be like this for the rest of their life an acceptance that this was their lot – here we used Gorse – lift the negativity and allow them to see that there was an alternative to sitting in the chair all day.  We also used Sweet Chestnut to allow them to find the end of the tunnel and to reenergise them – this was dependent on the gravity of the emotion that we were dealing with.

The sweet Chestnut flower

The Sweet Chestnut flower

Another common factor was the Guilt and impatience – this is often a huge problem especially where sufferers are incapacitated and dependent on family members to help and care for them.  Pine as the guilt remedy helped hugely – it enabled clients to ask for help, to talk about how they are feeling, also once they talked, they were able to get more help because there was a level of understanding as to how they were feeling.  The carers were able to provide the right things.  Impatiens was also used to help with the impatience – both the impatience with the sufferers but also impatience with the carers – this emotion is totally wasted and unnecessary and only serves to provide you with a negative mood all round so

I can blend up to 7 remedies on each occasion and the above are the 7 most common initial remedies, among others we talked about lack of sleep and the inability to settle the mind – White Chestnut is the remedy to stop the mind monkeys and allow you to rest peacefully, it is also worth noting that the Rescue Night Remedy is also useful in this case.

There also appears to be a lowering of confidence as to abilities and for here we look at Larch to boost the courage and abilities, this is huge.  Larch will give you the helping hand to pull yourself up and achieve what you are looking for.

Bach flower remedies selection

For those struggling through work and trying to keep up appearances and abilities we also need to proffer Elm, the remedy for overwhelm to keep the morale up and enable the sufferers to achieve in the way that they need to.

It is impossible for me to list all the remedies that were prescribed across all the sufferers but in essence these were the common denominators in the initial blends.  Latterly the remedies changed subtly as we went through – most of the clients were finished within 4 treatments but that was also dependent on the severity.  The remedies may not have drastically altered the physical problems, but the mental stability has been improved and as a result all the sufferers are feeling more positive, exercising more and getting their lives back to normality slowly but surely.

It is not a race to see who an get their first, but it is a gentle move back towards a kinder lifestyle and keeping it on track.

I have left a review at the top of this blog and am very happy to chat through the process in more detail if you wish.