What links these two? Believe it not is the Bach Flower Remedies and this week I am going to start and take you on a journey into the world of remedies to endeavour to explain how they can help rebuild and reshape your life, silence the fears that you may have and generally help you lead a less stressful life.

The pony shown here is Moonbeam – a dearly loved and much-missed pony who sadly left us July 2017 at the age of 43. Thanks to him and his feisty behaviour and a desire to help my daughter be able to handle him I found Bach Flower remedies. Moonbeam would run from the gate when taking him to the field in the morning – taking the headcollar and lead rope with him some days and was generally not very respectful of the lead rope. We tried everything we could and eventually I was guided to a lady in the village where we lived to get him some Bach Flower remedies – I spent an hour with lady describing Moonbeam and his idiosyncrasies and his little ways – she gave me a little brown bottle and with instructions to give them to him 3 times a day and it should help.

Three days later the behaviour totally stopped and whilst we continued with the treatment for the next 2 weeks – he never repeated the behaviour again – we had eased his fears and panic and the pony was then just a delight.

Following this, I then used the remedies to help our rescue dog and various family members and all with amazing results – I would add that I was not prescribing at the time.  I had however started my journey into the world of Holistic therapies and was by now a Reflexologist and Indian Head Massage therapist and had taken my Level 1 and 2 Reiki qualifications.  I had also started a journey into the world of Kinesiology and could also now see how I could link the remedies to all of these other therapies.

Having discovered the wonders of these amazing Bach Flower Remedies, it was then something that I wanted to pass onto others.  I studied and took my exams and became a practitioner in 2013. I worked with my holistic therapies and the Bach Flower Remedies part-time, in line with a full-time job in the corporate world. It was good but I always wanted to expand my holistic therapy practice but never had either the time or the financial ability to do this.

When I was furloughed due to Covid-19 it gave me the opportunity to bring the little flower remedies totally to the world and my one aim is to tell everyone all about the remedies and what they can do for each and every one of us and our pets as well.  Since April 1st I have worked at networking on Zoom developing an amazing crowd of friends and trying to spread the word as to the wonders of this amazing creation that Bach Flower Remedies are.  Follow my page on Facebook and this blog for the next few months, and learn about the different remedies and what they can do for you.