A personal Bach Flower Story – how the fear of flying came from so much more and how the Bach flower remedies gave one lady her life back.

For many people there is a huge tendency to live with our past and just carry on with life and manage the situation that life has dealt us.  We put our past traumas, our grief and our anxieties out of our minds and push on with our busy life’s.

If we experience a particularly traumatic childhood this can have huge consequences later on in life and can shape our actions, our attitudes towards others as we move through our life experiences.

Some of us manage to handle these situations but these people are very rare and most of us will bear the scars of our past somewhere inside our subconscious.

The Bach Flower remedies are a beautiful, quiet, and calm way to help relieve and repair your past traumas.  I would like to tell you a story about one of my very first clients who came to see me over 10 years ago.

I had the pleasure of doing a talk at a large hotel complex near Chichester and after I had finished and cleared up a young lady approached me quietly to ask how the remedies could help with her fear of flying.  I explained how we can do it looking at the remedies for fear of the known Mimulus, fear of the unknown Aspen, loss of control Cherry plum, Terror – Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem for shock.  These would be the initial remedies that I would look at in this instance.

The importance of clearing this fear for this client was that it was her 40th birthday that year and her husband was planning trips abroad to celebrate it and she couldn’t avoid flying again this year. She was desperate to rid herself of this torture.

Our meetings were very encouraging, and it became apparent that her fear of flying was huge, she had tried to overcome her fear herself but the intensity of the fear was so great that she would dig her fingernails into her husband’s arm – resulting in excruciating pain for hubby.

After the first two sessions it became apparent that this fear was linked to a lot more.  The art of the work that I do is to give the client time for silence to ask the questions and then just sit and wait – this was a good technique for this client and very gradually the story began to unfold.  When talking to people in many situations it often helps to ask a question and then give them time to settle and answer quietly.

The fear of flying stemmed from a situation 5 years earlier when my client had been very nauseous and eventually sick on a flight back from US, this had been incredibly traumatic for her.  Ultimately, she tried to fly three times after that but was not only affected by her encroaching fear not of flying but of being sick!  This was the key.

Being sick and feeling nauseous is something that most people manage but when that feeling of nausea is linked with another traumatic event then the whole thing ties up.  In this case the past trauma was the key – my client had been abused as a child by a family member, and afterwards had been exceedingly sick.  She had never told anyone until now.

We now spent the next few months repairing the damage created by holding on to this trauma and in essence setting her free from the link – her fear and terror of experiencing the nausea (which recalled the past abuse) prevented her from flying and thus created the fear of flying.

Gradually we talked over and around the events that occurred both before during and after the abuse, the family situations and everything that she had been through – these were stories that had never been vocalised so you can imagine the pain and distress – lots of paper handkerchiefs and cups of tea.  A huge array of remedies was worked through and gradually one step at a time we worked through them.

8 months later – and bear in mind that we were meeting every 2 weeks but with remedies being modified every 8 months we got to the end.  The client took herself off to a local airport and was able to stand and look at the planes and watch them without any fear or anxiety at all – this she had not been able to do for many years. That is how serious the fear was.

When this beautiful lady left my treatment room for the last time she hugged me and quietly and very emotionally thanked me for giving me the rest of her life back.  It was a moment in my life that I will never forget. I should add that she has since flown around the world with no problems whatsoever