Case Study – Help for a lady in total despair.

Every so often in the work that you do – something happens that changes your life.  At the time of treating this lady and offering her my remedies I wasn’t sure how life would work for me but I just knew that the remedies and her situation would be exceedingly useful for her.

This is the story about how I earnt this testimonial:- I have personally used Ros and her Bach remedies and I found them extremely helpful and I highly recommend her expert advice she really helped me through the most horrendous time of my life when my Darling Brian died so suddenly! The heartbreak was overwhelming and I was very close to joining him as I could see no end to it. Without Ros Thompson’s help who knows what would have become of me as I was so terribly lost with the mass devastation of it all…… Ros thank you for everything”

Social media for many people means different things to everyone, for me it has always been a means to an end, for years it was free contact with my daughter who was abroad, then it became a way of meeting people and keeping in touch with old friends, and in the last 7 years it has been part of my business and a valuable source of contact with a huge number of people.  Without FB I would never have met 50% of the people I now connect with every day and who have given me so much pleasure.

I had been chatting with this lady about the work she did with horses, and we had a lot in common and at the time I was doing a lot with remedies and horses, she introduced me to many people in the horsey world which proved worthwhile.

Over many months we talked more, and I got to know more about her and her amazing family – admired her photos from afar and really admired the work that she did.  Then one day the post was a totally different tone!  Her husband had died very suddenly in front of her son and herself he had dropped down dead from a massive heart attack. This I would also add was not in the UK but whilst they were abroad.

The shock that it gave me brought me up very quickly to reality, there she was away from home and with all of this to contend plus manage her emotions and feelings and grief.  They were such a beautiful couple together and Harrison as well her husband was such a fabulous man, so kind and caring and so loving to them all.

I contacted her to see if I could do anything to help in anyway as I knew her world had shattered.  We chatted for a long time and decided that sending remedies out there would be futile, but she managed to get some Rescue Remedy to help for the time being.  As soon as she returned home, we talked more and I sent some remedies to her home in the UK.  We had exchanged messages all the way home, she must drive back to the UK because of everything she needed to bring back with her.  I kept in touch to make sure she was ok and managing to get things together and with her son and a family friend she made it back to the UK.

I then put together the remedies to send to her, so they were there at home when she arrived.  One for her and one for her son – the initially remedies are not difficult to select.  Star of Bethlehem is the key for the shock and trauma to ease the height of emotion – this is in the rescue remedy, Gorse for her desperation and total despair, Holly for her anger – sounds strange but she loved this man so desperately and she was so angry that he had gone so suddenly – this played a huge part of her emotions, plus of course the resentment as to the fact he had left her on her own with Harrison – so we added Willow for this.  We then needed Pine to help with the guilt, she felt so consumed with guilt as she hadn’t been able to do anything more to save his life and it was repeated time and again.

I also needed to give her some hope to lift her out of her world and for this we used Mimulus for her fears as to how she would cope and manage moving forward without him and Sweet Chestnut for the light at the end of the tunnel.  Off went the remedies plus some for her son – in fact I did the same for him.

We worked our way through the funeral and over the following months, grief never leaves you but it just eases slowly, the memories live on and the pain reduces slowly, we adjusted the remedies over time and after a period of 6 months my lovely lady felt strong enough to manage on her own.

She has the most amazing business which continues to grow and thrive, a wonderful son and has now become an amazing grandmother.  We continue to support one another with the sharing of posts on FB and mutual admiration but totally out of the blue I received this amazing testimonial.  I did ask for it and it came as the most beautiful surprise.

The morale of this story is quite simply to expect the unexpected.  I have never asked this lady for a testimonial as I knew the pain was still there and didn’t want to stir anything up.  This came totally out of the blue, but it gave me so much joy to learn how much the remedies had helped her.