The current situation with Covid 19 is having a detrimental effect on the mental health of our younger generation and on their parents as well.  Since mid-August there has been this sense of either overwhelming relief that the children can go back to school or one of fear that this a place where Covid could be brought into the house.

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Whilst it is not my place to look at the rights and wrongs, what I can do is to provide some remedies to help you make a decision and to ease your fears and apprehensions and also that of your children.  The biggest factor is that as a parent you endeavour to remain as calm and level-headed as possible because your children will pick up your fears and concerns faster than you possibly realise.

Over the past few months, they will have heard your conversations about the virus – they will have heard new bulletins and seen the TV as well.  It will have been impossible for them to be totally unaware of it and depending on your views on the situation they will have formulated their own views and fears, never underestimate these fears and the effect they can have on your children.

Below I have detailed the remedies that I have been using to help in this situation: –

Aspen- the remedy for fear of the unknown – Covid 19 is an unknown scenario and we actually do not know precisely what we are looking at and it has created a lot of nightmares and terrors for children.  Your child will not understand this virus and for them it is an unknown – Aspen will help relieve their thoughts and terrors and allow for a peace of mind.

Mimulus – for fear of the known – in this case this remedy is one for everyone feeling this fear of Covid and the situation, some people have developed Agoraphobia during lockdown and are terrified to go out – here mimulus has a very specific need.  This remedy is great for both adults and children in this situation. Personally, I feel that Mimulus is like the comfort blanket which enables us all to carry on as normal with courage and care.

Rock Rose – for compete terror – for use in cases where we have panic attacks, and again for the nightmares and night terrors.  This remedy will just bring about a sense of calm.  The key for this need is that feeling of compete terror and panic.

Red Chestnut – this is a beautiful remedy – the brief synopsis for this is Fear or over concern for others – applicable at this time for almost everyone reading this article and also for our children who are equally worried about brining the virus home to parents or grandparents.  It will help ease the continual worry about others sometimes where it is out of your control and reach.  The positive side of this remedy is that you are able to still care but without the anxiety.  The reduction in stress within you will be greatly reduced.

Cherry plum – is for those people who have been pushed to the edge and who are verging on a breakdown and explosion of pent up worry and frustrations  Sometimes this can also apply to children is they have kept their emotions bottled up they may suddenly display outbursts of anger and rage for no apparent reason – a child cannot easily articulate what is wrong and they may not have the vocabulary to explain how they feel and if they have had these fears and worries in their heads this is highly likely to a very needed remedy to calm their minds ad gently help them to think rationally

White Chestnut is also a remedy which is incredibly useful at this time – this remedy will stop the mind monkeys!  Those whirling thoughts that appear as you put your head on the pillow and also can cause you distraction during the day- they won’t settle and allow you to focus on the job in hand.

These remedies work quietly and calmly and do not have any side effects and also for children I work with the Bach Flower Range that do not contain alcohol.

All the above form part of the 38 remedies that Dr Bach has given us and that I as a practitioner can use to help you resolve your anxieties and strains at this current time.  I blend up to 7 remedies and you have them in a miser bottle to take for 3 to 4 weeks during which time your problems and feelings will dissipate and ease.  If you can ease your fears and also those of your children you will then feel more able to make a sensible decision regarding school and your situation.  Also if you have no choice to send your child to school and home schooling is not an option, the remedies will allow you feel calmer about the situation and to have some peace of mind and learn to accept the situation as it is without living with more stress than is health for you

I do empathise greatly with you all at this time and hope that this is of interest to you – please feel free to contact me on 07739775783 or through my website