Who do you know who is the life and soul of the party but will never talk about their emotions or any thoughts that may be disturbing them?  When you are asking how they are the customary response is “I’m fine”.

These are the people who need the remedy Agrimony, they always present a cheerfully sweet and carefree face to the world so it can be difficult to get close to these people.  Underneath they will be covering a multitude of problems and inner anxieties and often deep fears.

At this time when we are gradually starting to return to the normal there will be many who will have inner fears that they have suppressed within themselves during lockdown –   having learnt throughout this period to keep their feelings in they may well find it hard to start to express themselves.

Now is a time to check out the answers to “I’m fine” ask a little more deeply.  This person will hide their anxieties and fears, often material worries such as illness, financial losses, and problems at work.  However, they will never show their true feelings, what is going on in private is “nobody’s business”.

Once you are aware of these people, they are often easy to spot, they avoid spending time alone, they throw themselves into activities, enterprises, and any social function possible.  They will be involved with charitable events and often at a party they will be in the kitchen avoiding intense contact.  They will do anything to avoid direct contact and too many questions.

This remedy can be very useful with young people – very often the teenager can have a multitude of thoughts going round in their head however they are often very reluctant to talk, and they go through developmental stages of loneliness and the statement often is “you don’t understand” – “no one understands me”, Agrimony can help them to find their way to release their inner thoughts and be at peace with themselves.  In puberty when adolescents are dealing with so many conflicting thoughts and emotions, it can help to release some of the tension.  Agrimony can also help if addictions are involved.

The person who needs this remedy will not want constant questioning as they will be exceedingly sensitive to pain and because their emotions have been suppressed, sometimes for many years, it could be exceedingly difficult for them.  Their restlessness could show itself with biting their nails, pulling hair and pinching, and sometimes nervous rashes.  Also, many people who need this remedy also grind their teeth at night.

The signs to look out for are the constant good friend, the life and soul of every party, the peacemaker, someone who is constantly on the move and avoids sitting still, and the person who minimises the problems and won’t discuss anything even when the subject is brought up.  Also look for the children who normally quickly forget their troubles as they will experience secret inner pain and feelings of loneliness.

The positive side of the Agrimony remedy is an ability to deal with both positive and negative situations and grow and learn from them.  You will experience genuine inner joyfulness and a true harmony and inner peace.

You will feel peaceful, honest, and able to reveal true self.