How do you feel about your past?

Do you have fond memories?   Do you have memories you would rather forget them or are you constantly being taken back to them?

Are you homesick for something?

So much of our life’s is often governed by things from the past, we are often told to learn from the past and our childhood teaches us how we should live our life.  For some who have happy childhoods with no scarring and unhappiness, this is lovely but for others who sadly experience sadness and difficulties in their early childhoods this is often more difficult, and these memories can haunt people for many years.

There can be other times later on in life that can scar us, – divorce, the loss of a loved one, the loss of dearly love pet, trauma within the workplace, other life traumas that can pass our way.

These events have a habit of playing with our emotions in a big way and when the memories of these events are large enough to change the way with live and change the way we think – sometimes detrimentally – it maybe something that we need to think about.

It can be very difficult to separate our emotions from the past and can also often be very painful, however the aim is to enhance your life and to ease the pain of the hurt from the past.  Equally to allow you to move forward and to enjoy the present and benefit from all that there is to offer – if you find it hard to do then here is what Dr Bach had to say.

Honeysuckle is the remedy according to Bach is the remedy to remove from the mind the regrets and sorrows of the past, to counteract all influences, all wishes and desires of the past and to bring us back to the present.

Equally your life could be exceedingly normal and all happy, but work may say you have to go away to do your business – this can create a sadness and a feeling of homesickness, these emotions can cause great pain and sadness and have a huge effect on your general demeanour and if you are working it could be difficult to perform at your best.

If we have children who are at boarding school – they in turn may not like going away from the happy home and may also in turn feel uncomfortable staying away from the things they know best.  The honeysuckle remedy is ideal for the child in this instance to help alleviate the situation.

This is another thing to think about – if you are looking to declutter but dreading this process and parting with things that have meaning in the past.  A few drops of Honeysuckle will help to clear the path to enable this to happen.

Whether your memories are happy, sad or painful they stop you from embracing your life today and dealing with what you can do in present time. Honeysuckle moments can manifest as homesickness if you live away from home and family, or are unable to settle into new experiences. You may find it had to believe that anything positive or enjoyable is ever possible again.

Honeysuckle brings you in to the here and now and helps you reconnect with your life today so that you are able to move forward.