The journey through Covid has been very real for some and in many cases, there is now the trauma of Long Covid.  I have not had Covid and thankfully therefore not experienced Long Covid, however I do know from experience what it is like to live with a long-term problem which causes a pain that now one can see – I have fibromyalgia and have had for the last 10 years.

Using the techniques that I have developed with my scenario and looking at the psychological symptoms that I had, and those others have experienced with Long Covid I have managed with the use of the remedies to help 15 people on total with their emotions and journey through the horrors of Long Covid.

When I initially approached some ladies back in January this year, I know there was a degree of scepticism but there were so many common denominators between the initial 4 ladies I spoke to it was almost quite spooky.

In all cases there had been periods of trauma and long-term stress prior to actually having Covid, several of the women had been working at the top of their game and nearing burnout directly prior to catching the virus, the virus brought them down and thinking they were invincible as soon as they started to improve they began to think they could get life back together again – only to find this was not possible.

The first challenge was to encourage them to understand that whilst exceedingly difficult they needed to accept that their body was in fact scared by the virus, and they needed to allow themselves to rest.  To allow this to happen we prescribed Oak – the amazing remedy for the person who like to try and push water up hill – who will not give up.  This remedy allows you to accept that you need to rest and slowly allows you to realise that you can only do so much. Acceptance of this is key.

Secondly, we needed to treat the body for the shock and trauma of Covid and for this we turned to my old favourite Star of Bethlehem – the beautiful flower that so adequately deals with trauma by helping to neutralise the adrenalin in the body – taking away the toxins and allow the body to recover.

Thirdly, Pine was a quite common denominator – for the guilt that was felt for the rest of the family and those around them in both work and home.  Guilt for the inability to do all that they did before they were ill, for the incapacity, for the constant need to sleep.  These strong people had no energy and no desire to do anything they needed to rest but felt guilty for doing so.  It made no difference that nobody minded if they rest, they just had this huge guilt inside them which caused tremendous anxiety and pain.  The Pine remedy was just brilliant for this and helped so much to just allow this negative emotion to dissipate and leave them in peace.

A quote from one of my participants:- ”

Ros is a soothing balm. She is brilliant at really listening to all you say to unpick the underlying emotions, fears and anxieties to best choose the most effective remedy for you. I have had long covid for 5 months and one of the hardest parts has been keeping positive and maintaining a happy outlook. Long covid left me feeling a shell of myself and full of angry, frustration, resentment, worry….the list went on. After just 2 courses of treatment, and some sage advice from Ros too, I feel positive, upbeat and buoyant. Of course I still have off days or negative emotions – but they are manageable My long covid hasn’t gone but it has significantly improved and I feel better able to manage my symptoms because and I no longer feel like I’m fighting a battle in my head to stay upbeat. I would highly recommend having a chat to Ros – her support and remedies are fabulous

In 60% of the study we found that Impatiens was necessary – this was to remedy used to help with the frustrations and impatience, not with others but with themselves, it was the inner self that was also causing them to linger longer in the Long Covid state, when the body is using energy to argue with itself it is not allowing itself time to calmly heal.  The Impatiens allowed the frustrations to just ease away and negate the negative inner torment.

White Chestnut was another that was quite common – the remedy to allow the mind to stop thinking – to allow the brain to stop making lists of things that need to be done – just to stop the mind monkeys – if you can quieten the mind you will allow the brain just to rest and recuperate.

Lack of confidence was an emotion that quite surprised me when the need arose, I realised that these people were really quite concerned about their capabilities to function normally, their confidence had been completely shattered – so we use Larch to pull their inner courage through to be able to face the world.

The larch tree

There were many others that were used but these are the common denominators amongst the people that I have treated and as everyone is totally unique so is the remedy.  However, the biggest thing of all is that they are all feeling emotionally stronger and happier.  Physically they still have problems at times but overall, the consensus seems to be they are on average 80% of the way to recovery and life is slowly returning to normal.