Over the last 6 months I have been working almost full time providing my personalised blends of Bach Flower Remedies, but it’s not where my career began. In fact, life before COVID-19 looked very different for me.

For the last 40 years I’ve had a corporate job within Sales and Management. Working in office services and supplies I sell everything from pens to large reprographic machines. I’ve worked with multinational companies and some very large household names and I’ve loved my job, which has allowed me to meet wonderful people and forge some incredible friendships.  I have, however, always had a hankering to create a career in the holistic world.

So over the years I studied a wide number of holistic therapies, amongst them Bach Flower Remedies and worked part time evenings and weekend. I just never had the courage to take the leap into self-employment.

And then COVID hit

April 1st brought my corporate world to a grinding halt when I was furloughed quite suddenly – I spent most of March embroiled in the COVID-19 world and was quite traumatised by some of the stories I heard from my clients. I have several large nursing home groups amongst my portfolio of clients and the shortage of PPE that we were trying to provide, there were some awful stories at that time proved too harrowing. I confess it was quite a relief to be taken away from it.

The afternoon of April 1st my hubby David and I took a long dog walk and mulled over what would happen next.  I had a great long list of everything that I was going to do: spring clean rooms, cook and lots of sorting in the house. We had rooms to decorate and lots of plans.

But someone then suggested I think about the remedies and what I could do – and so the plan took shape.  Before I knew it I was on a networking mission, embedding myself mainly with the MNC community and getting to know some truly remarkable people. I found I was able to help so many people with their own problems and it’s brought me such amazing joy and delight. I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have had the journey I have had.

Finding purpose through the trauma

The psychological effect of COVID-19 has been significant – initially most people didn’t know how to deal with it. But I’ve been able to guide my clients through and it’s shown me a new purpose.

But, like anyone, Lockdown has been full of highs and lows for me too. I had new responsibilities, including taking on the care of my mum, who is partly disabled and has the makings of dementia. Driving from Tangmere to Goring to see her along a totally deserted A27 will be something I will never forget – it was like driving in a sci fi movie. My Mum was completely unaware of the virus, adding another level of bizarre to the situation.

I would then return to my house and hide away in my office almost permanently stuck to Zoom,  stuck behind a curtain to keep the light out for the sake of the presentation!  This was it, for months. Rewarding, but exhausting all the same.

I desperately missed my baby grandson and not seeing the changes he went through was really hard. Not being able to hug him and my daughter was almost unbearable. It wasn’t until my daughter arranged a surprise birthday picnic for me with 12 of my closest friends that I truly realised how much it had affected me.  The physical trauma of not being able to hug my wonderful friends was quite a shock.

Throughout this new and very strange period I have relied very heavily on my remedies and have thankfully been able to ruthlessly analyse my feelings – this is not always easy, but it can help to move forward.

As restrictions have been lifted I’m now finding a new norm, though due to the health of my family members we remain almost permanently stuck to isolation. The only place I have been is the post office to post my remedies.  I am part furloughed and spending two half days a week in the Corporate world and the rest of my time on my remedies.

As we all get used to the new COVID world and the uncertainties of the second wave – I’m grateful to be able to bring a sense of security and calm to those who are looking for some peace from the external turmoil, from a place of understanding and empathy.