A view up into the tree tops - taken from lying down

National Tree week – gives me the opportunity to talk to you a little about the various trees that are used in the Bach Flower remedies.  Dr Bach uses the flowers from 16 different trees and they have a huge range of different properties and the positive energies that they give us is absolutely amazing – I am hoping to be able to convey this information to you in the story below.

Dr Bach took the flowers from a local area to his home – which was Wallingford in Oxfordshire – this is till the Bach Centre and where the mother tinctures are still made.

Aspen – populus tremula

The Aspen used within the remedies is the European Aspen, also known as quaking aspen, this is a beautiful tree with shimmering foliage. It is also often noted that the leaves on this tree often appear to move when there is no wind – hence the terminology Whispering tree – the remedy from Aspen is for fears of an unknown origin.  This can be used to help children manage their night terrors, to ease the inexplicable feeling of unknow concerns and the shudders that some people experience – the ultimate benefit is that it will leave the recipient feeling calm and with an inner peace.

The Aspen flower

Beech – Fagus sylvatica – this is a tree as opposed to a hedge – the beech is renowned for holding its leaves until spring when the bronze leaves are replaced with a new green leave.  Beech remedy is quite a simple one but often difficult to transmit the message to the client. This is for the critical person in your life who is often intolerant of others – negative criticism is hard for some people to take and is very demotivating. This remedy will reveal a tolerant, compassionate person who is able to criticise in a positive way and can see the good in others.

Cherry Plum – prunus cerasifera.  This is a species of Plum is a native of Southeast Europe.  This is an untidy looking plant with a shaggy canopy that makes an excellent country hedging plant.  This is our offering for fear of losing control. This is so useful especially when someone is in a state of deep despair and living on the brink.  The cherry plum has the positive effect of creating a calm mind and allowing the recipient to be able to think and act rationally.

Chestnut Bud – Aesculus hippocastamum – this is the bud of the common horse chestnut tree.  The buds are large – greeny brown and often sticky.  This resonates with the client and we use this remedy to help people learn from their past mistakes.   This is for those who are continually making the same mistake and cannot relate to this fact.  The mistakes prevent them from moving forward.  The positive side is that they learn from the mistakes gain knowledge, and wisdom and quietly progress with their life.

Crab apple – malus pumila – crab apples are essentially immature apples.  Also, the understanding that they are toxic is wrong just don’t eat the core and seeds because they are toxic. This remedy is incredibly useful – it is part of the Rescue Remedy Cream to help with skin problems, it is also the cleansing remedy for mind and body.  For the poor souls who suffer from poor self-image – they can often be ashamed of their appearance.  The positive is an acceptance of oneself and the ability to learn to love yourself.

Elm – Ulmus procera – this is the woodland elm and nowadays can be found amongst country  hedges – the amazing properties of this tree are that the remedy will help those who are overwhelmed by their responsibilities – normally capable people suddenly find themselves feeling totally out of their depth.  The positive from here is that the usual capability is restored, and strength is found to continue, and a sense of perspective is restored

Larch – Larix decidua – a stunning tree, the European larch is a conifer full of surprises with beautiful pinky cones in spring which darken through the summer.  It is a favourite with squirrels and birds.  For the Bach Group this is our solution for Lack of confidence – to those who have given up before they are sure they will fail before they have even tried.  The Larch remedy will give them the strength and courage to carry on and continue in a successful way.

The larch flowers

Oak – the wise old Oak – has an incredibly special place in our English history.  It supports more life than any other native tree species in the UK, even its fallen leaves support biodiversity.  Within the Bach Flower world – this is our remedy for the person who is exhausted but struggling on, they keep going often to the detriment of their health and are driven by a sense of duty. A little of this remedy will allow the patient to feel stronger and enable them to see the need to relax as well as work and they are more at peace with themselves if they slow down for a little.

Olive – for the purposes of the remedy the plants are not grown in the UK but in Spain, a tree that lives for many years – and can grow up to 7m.  The flowers are off-white, and fragrant and the fruit can be eaten either in green or black state.  This remedy is for lack of energy – the sufferers find themselves needing a lot of sleep.  The positive side of this is a restoration of strength vitality and an interest in life.

The flower of the Olive.

Pine – Pinus sylvestris – the Scots Pine, is an absolutely stunning tree, it is one of only 3 native conifers and the only native pine. It is our remedy for self-reproach and guilt, this beautiful remedy can alleviate all the pain of guilt and unworthiness, the patient will accept the responsibilities realistically and respect themselves without bearing the pain.  This is commonly used for those suffering from a bereavement.

Red Chestnut/White Chestnut – these two remedies are produced from the Horse Chestnut tree but the different coloured flowers – the Red Chestnut – does not provide us with the beautiful conkers but does allow us the remedy which will help those who have a fear and overconcern for others – they have fears for those close to them – the use of this remedy allows them the compassion to care but without the anxiety.  The White Chestnut flowers provide us with a remedy for unwanted thoughts – this remedy is a prime part of the night remedy – helps to ease the mind monkies and calms the mind of all that needs to be done. Allow a clear head and a peaceful night’s sleep

Sweet Chestnut – castanea sativa – this tree differs greatly from the Horse chestnut – the nuts from the sweet chestnut are the ones that we can eat – and often seen at Christmas – for us the remedies are to help with extreme mental anguish, often the patient needing this remedy can be at the end of their tether the positive result is a relief from the despair and despondency, the situation does not change but it brings the suffer peace of mind.

The sweet chestnut fruit.

Walnut – the English walnut – the food of the gods, medicine for people. First introduced to us by the Romans and valued for its nuts.  This is our remedy for protection from change, we prescribe this remedy for puberty, for the menopause, for those suffering sudden bereavement, change of job, moving to a new house, anything involving a change in environment.  When taking the remedy, the situation does not change but allows the recipient to feel able to cope and manage the changes.