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Ros can help you improve the quality of your life one step at a time using the power of Bach Flower Remedies and gentle therapies.  Making life that little bit easier and enjoyable to live.  Contact Ros today for an introductory consultation and find out how she can help you live your best life.

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Information

My COVID 19 Remedy comprises a remedy for Trauma, 2 remedies for fear, 1 for loss of control, 1 for change and 1 for confidence all of which I can put into a bottle to help you manage your way forward in this new world.

Whilst I appreciate the issue of notes from Boris Johnson that facemasks can be discretionary from 19th July, we will continue to wear them and we would appreciate that our clients do the same.  We are working at close quarters and we feel that there is still a need to protect each other, we hope that this is agreeable to you.

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Discover Bach Flower Remedies

Where do we start with the what these wonderful remedies can help with? In the current climate they are helping a lot of people manage with the general change in the world in which we live, helping families live with separation from loved ones, children come to terms with not seeing their friends, parents coping with children at home and home schooling and also trying to work from home as well.  Helping children deal with their fears, life is not within our own hands now and the remedies can help you feel a little more in control.  The remedies can also help with all the usual fears of the past and for some with isolation these have come to the forefront and need to be resolved. The remedies can help with PTSD too and past trauma. 

Remedies by Ros Therapies

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Bach Flower Remedies

A confidential, private consultation with Ros, in Person or online.

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A non invasive therapy for health, relaxation and stress using your hands and feet.

Flower 2

Indian Head Massage

A therapy from Ayurveda to relieve symptoms and aid revitilisation.

Flower 1

Reiki Healing

Healing energy for physical and emotional symptoms. Safe and natural healing.

Remedies Made for You

Consultations are available in person, via Skype, Zoom or telephone call. You can collect your remedy or have it delivered to your door.

If you have questions or specific needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch by filling in this form.  Over and above anything else, Ros is here to help you.

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