Part 2 Behind the scenes with the Remedies

When I set out on my holistic journey, I came to realise that throughout our life’s we accumulate an awful lot of excess baggage, I refer to it as my emotional rucksack which can significantly weigh us down as we progress through life.

We come into this life as innocent souls, blank sheets of paper and from our birth the activities in our life’s can add to the bricks in this emotional rucksack.  Even the baby that experiences a traumatic birth can bear the scars of trauma, suddenly being taken out of the womb and brought into the world – the effect of this can be seen later in life.  Very often the scars of a traumatic birth can reappear later in our life and it is something that as a therapist I am often questioning.

As we get older and go through life, we accumulate these emotional bricks, the anxiety we experience when waiting for results, the sleepless nights due our silent worries, financial worries etc that have an impact on our lives.

We each process our individual experiences in our own way and our own time, if we were only able to listen to our emotional wisdom, we would realise the soul is trying to help us to listen and learn from the quiet places within us.  Instead, we carry around a great deal of excess and unhealthy emotional excess baggage and it is this that the remedies can work with to remove.

Making up a treatment

The individual remedies are available in stock bottles which are for sale in most health food shops, these are concentrated in brandy and have a shelf life of approximately 4 years.

There also a range of remedies for those people who cannot take the remedies with alcohol, we make a range suspended in glycerine which is good for children – these can be purchased from the Bach Centre direct.

There are two methods of making up a treatment. The drops may either be diluted into a glass of water and sipped over the course of a day, or you they can be put into a treatment bottle and blended with some of the other remedies, this is far more appropriate for longer term problems and the practice I adopt with my clients following a conversation.

Bach flower remedy refills

When I make up a treatment bottle, we use a 30ml bottle with a dropper, you will also need mineral water as well or distilled water.  Make sure the bottle is clean and free from contaminants, once you have selected the appropriate remedies which can be a maximum of 7 remedies and you take 2 drops of each of the remedies, and we take 4 drops at least 4 times a day.  This is a minimum requirement, but if necessary, such as when the mood is acute the drops can be taken more often.

It is also important to remember that you avoid using tap water, this will usually deteriorate and go stale very quickly. However, if you have no access to bottled water then please use filtered water but add some brandy to preserve the water quality.  The drops can be placed directly onto the tongue but be careful not to touch the tongue.  If you can try and hold the dose in the mouth for a second or two before swallowing, try to visualise the positive energy you are taking. Equally they can be dropped into a drink to be taken over time.

If the remedies are being blended by a practitioner, they may change the blend after the first month and look to discuss what changes have taken place. They in turn will guide you as to how and when the blend is changed according to your emotional needs.

If you have access to several stock bottles and take individual remedies yourself then it is best to drop a couple of drops into a glass as you need them.  Longer term treatments can be taken this way also.

I should add that it is not possible to overdose on the remedies and the remedies you choose is entirely personal preference, you should however arrange to take your first dose when you get up in the morning and the last one just before you go to bed.  I suggest that you take 8 drops twice a day as it is often easy to forget them when it is 4 times a day.

For babies, please dilute the drops from the stock bottle and give with a spoon