It is that time of the year – FIREWORKS

Now is the time to think about your four-legged friends in relation to fireworks, sadly Bonfire night is round the corner and whilst its great fun for a lot of people, it does create problems for a cuddly friend.

It isn’t just Fireworks alone it can be any sudden or loud noise that causes the pets to be startled, this can then set of a fear, if it is a dog or a cat then this can be controlled within the house, however if it is a horse or pony then this can be slightly more difficult.

Dr Bach made the remedies to help animals suffering from fear and terror and the remedies that I am going to mention below are very relevant to help you and I can make up a blend to specifically help them.

There are 4 basic remedies which will make it easier for them, but the key is to start NOW, the remedies take time take effect.

Rock Rose – is my first this is the remedy for terror – it is the fright and flight mode and especially when looking at horses it is really needed to help reduce the instant flight and panic, it is a calmer to reduce the adrenalin rush and is a huge supportive remedy.  If your cat is out on bonfire night, I would like to think it could stop your cat from running into the road in terror.

Aspen – for the fear of the unknown, the animals will not know anything about fireworks, so it is a total unknown and therefore the result of taking this is take away the surprise and panic and fear.

Mimulus – for fear of the known – if your pet is naturally fearful of loud noises then this is very appropriate and much needed – it will allow them to calm down and feel quieter and more relaxed.

Star of Bethlehem – a key part of Rescue Remedy – to help with shock and the adrenalin release, an amazing remedy to take away the fear and trauma relating to bangs and loud noises – this will also create an instant calming effect.

There may well be something else that is needed and if so, we can discuss it – but please don’t leave you pet to suffer at this difficult time – give me a call 07739775783