Positivity – and its benefits

Have you ever thought about how full your glass is – is it half full or half empty – your attitude towards the glass will have some sort of indication towards whether you a negative or positive person.  It has also been shown through research that these two emotions can have a clear line of affect on your wellbeing and health.

The optimist will always manage stress levels and if the levels of stress can be controlled so the health will always remain good.  If you cannot control them then stress will get the better of you.

Below here I am going to discuss some self help tactics that you can use, I would also like to point out that being an optimist doesn’t mean you are not living in the real world and pay scant attention to the negative side of life.  It just means that you will have a different view and methodology of tactically the more difficult things in life.  You will look at a positive side of life and a positive result.

To help yourself think like this you need to start to control the thoughts in your head and change the “can’t” to a “can” – at first this may sound easy but you really need to pay attention to what is going through your mind and control the words that you both think and say.  If you are thinking most of the time in a negative and pessimistic way, then you can guarantee that is what you will have.  So, number 1 rule is to change your thoughts to positive ones and not negative.

Try and find something fun to watch on TV or listen to on the radio – come away from the monotony of misery on the news channels and look for pleasure and amusement.

Look for some positive people to spend your time with – avoid negative people in your life – keep them at a distant when you are initially trying to change your life.

Finally, maybe try a change in lifestyle and look at a healthier style of life – a change of diet and maybe some physical exercise – sounds tough to start but has huge benefits.

There are numerous reasons to encourage a positive mind apart from the face that you will feel better you will also be a nicer person for it but have a look at the below thoughts: –

If there is less stress your blood pressure will probably come down and thus reduce the risk of heart disease

This will of course increase your life span,

It will lower the chance of distress and depression

Psychologically you will feel better and physically as well.

All the above will make you a much happier person in yourself and happier to be with as well.

There is not clear reason why these feeling should be experienced by positive people but in its simplistic terms – it is I think purely a reduction in stress which is the most common cause of illness and unhappiness.