This week my aim is to look at the 7 emotional groups that Dr Bach split the remedies into – he then subdivided them into the 38 individual remedies, over the next few weeks I aim to look at the individual groups and the remedies within them.

This week I would like to look at the Fear Group – under this we have the following: –

Aspen – for fear of the unknown

Cherry Plum – for fear of losing control

Mimulus – for fear of the known

Red Chestnut – fear and over concern for loved ones

Rock Rose – for terror and panic

Let’s look at them in turn starting with Aspen – the beautiful remedy for the fears that we find inexplicable, if you have an ominous sense of foreboding but are unable to explain where it is from or the cause. These feelings need Aspen.  If you ever see the Aspen tree, you will not that the leaves seem to shiver even when there is no apparent breeze.

Sometimes when we are too anxious and your intuition is unable to discriminate, you may suddenly jump or your skin tingles, or feel sick and unsure as to why – these need Aspen.

An experience of internal fluttering or trembling with no known physical cause, these vague and indefinable fears can make it hard for you to discuss the issue with anyone else.

Take the Aspen remedy and these feelings and fears will dissipate quietly and leaving you feeling confident and brave.

Cherry Plum was a very useful remedy at the beginning of lockdown, when the emotions were running so high and there was nothing we could do.  People were terrified and full of rage and hysterical with rage.  During times such as this when you are so stressed your thoughts are sometimes a little chaotic, or you have a feeling that you are losing your mind – this is the remedy for you.

The Cherry plum tree

Cherry Plum will allow you to calm down and help you to think and act rationally – this remedy is also part of Rescue Remedy.

Mimulus – for the fear of the known – if there is afear that you have that you can name, fear of public speaking, fear of spiders, agoraphobia – fear of open spaces, a child’s fear of going to school – for whatever reason.  Are you a shy person and possibly become quite awkward in public, are you scared of potential challenges?  There are also all the other known fears where this beautiful remedy comes into its own.

mumulus flower - Bright yellow small dainty flower

Mimulus will give you inner courage, allow you to assert yourself and move forward however you wish with quiet confidence.

Red Chestnut -fear and over concern for others – this is hard when you love someone, and that love expresses itself as a fear for their wellbeing. We often find ourselves in this situation with families worrying unnecessarily about our family members and we create a huge amount of anxiety within ourselves.

If you are unable to sleep at night because you are worried about the young people on your house, or constantly texting or calling, as a therapist are you also concerned for your clients?

I always say that if you are the person who will put the oxygen mask on your fellow passengers while on board a plane prior to yourself then Red Chestnut is the remedy for you. This remedy will allow you to feel safe and have a positive security to allow you to feel free of fear.  The most important things is that you put your first for a while.

Rock Rose – the terror and panic remedy – when all you want to do is run for the hills, the fright and flight mode.  If you suffer from disturbing dreams then this can be a symptom of hidden anxieties – Rock Rose is brilliant here,

This remedy will help you relax and breathe freely and find the courage to do whatever you need to do without being gripped by fear.

Rock Rose

Rock Rose will help you face your fears and allow you to find a way to resolve them, this is also part of the Rescue Remedy

From the above you will see that there are many different types of fear so when someone says to you I am frightened you can maybe ask some more specific questions.