After last week and the death of Prince Phillip and having watch the funeral myself I decided the remedy I would like to talk about this week will be Sweet Chestnut. “For those moments which happen to some people when the anguish is so great as to seem to be unbearable”. This is the remedy for which takes us “through darkness to light”. This remedy at times of grief is the one to turn to, after the loss of a loved one when people consider that there is longer hope for help, the intensity of the suffering is at its highest, tf is there to use at the apex of a crisis but the need for this is not necessarily apparent to the outsider. Grief and bereavement have always been an accepted part of life but in this past year Covid 19 has heightened our experiences of grief and the pain that it can cause.  We have watched as people have lost loved ones without any close contact, not been able to attend the funerals and pain has been highlighted dramatically. The funeral of Prince Phillip has shown the world exactly what many ordinary families have been going through over the last year.  Unable to hold your loved ones close to you, unable to express your true feelings of grief and more importantly the closeness that is so often needed has been taken away by the virus we are dealing with. This extraordinary pain and suffering can cause unbearable anguish and for those who are normally strong and endeavour to struggle through the remedy Sweet Chestnut can life them through slowly to the end. Sweet Chestnut will start to create new stages of life for you, allowing you to let of slowly of your grief in the realisation that life must go on and giving up is not an option, the Sweet Chestnut is also a remedy to guide and support you through. picture of sweet chestnut tree flower It allows you to learn from your experiences of feeling lonely and left totally to your own devices but to come away from that and with the newfound strength you are able to continue your new path without your loved one but holding them in your heart.  When someone dies it is imperative that we hold onto the fact that they would not want us to grieve forever, as Prince Phillip indicated in his funeral plan with the rallying horns “Its time to get on with it”. This is what Sweet Chestnut allows us to do, When you have the feeling that all is lost, and you condition yourself to a life on your own with no one and continual suffering – sadly the only person who is suffering is you.  Of course, life will never return to normal – but a new normal has to be created.  This “new” is exactly what would have been wanted by the person who has passed, remember them softly in your heart and yes of course at times there will be huge emotional difficulties, but we need to hold onto their love in our hearts and just remember what they would have wanted for us. Sometimes there is a tendency to dwell of the passing of a loved one for a very long time and this perpetuates the agony and sadness and that sadness can radiate out and affect others, this emotion can also serve to drive people away from you, and resulting in the sufferer being totally alone. We are lucky in this country that we are not required to wear black for many years or months after the passing of a family member, when I lived in Greece for many years I remember the outrage that was caused by a friend whose husband had died 2 years prior and her decision that she did not want to continue to wear black, she was 40 at the time and tradition stated that she should wear black for the rest of her life!  The villagers at the time were horrified but she went through with it and allowed herself to find some happiness again instead of suffering for whole life which is not what her husband would have ever wanted. Here, we are free from that obvious display of grief however most of us continue to grieve for many months inside and often construct a world for ourselves entwined with our grief. Sweet Chestnut is the remedy to free you from the despair and despondency, although the external situation may not have changed, this remedy enables you to face it all with optimism and peace of mind.  This may be helped with the discovery of a sense of faith and hop in a higher power and an inner strength and support. This beautiful remedy will allow you to let go slowly, and to use the crisis as an opportunity for transformation. You will be able to handle the extreme situations without allowing harm to your Soul,  In essence you will take on board as Prince Phillip said and get on with it!!