I am a Bach Flower Practitioner – for those of you who are unaware of these remedies – you may have heard of Rescue Remedy, this is frequently used for shock and trauma and widely available on the high street, the little known fact is that there are another 38 remedies all Menopause and all the relative symptomsof which can help to relieve the negative emotions and feelings that we feel throughout our life’s

Covid 19 and the lockdown brought a shortage of HRT products that were available to those women who were in a lot ways totally dependent on them just to get through the day.  Through the networking that I did back at the beginning of lockdown I discovered how many there were problems with menopausal symptoms and also how many women were looking to find alternative ways of dealing with this natural phenomenon.

I personally experienced the menopause at 33 (30 years ago) after many years of ovarian cysts and emergency surgery for the cysts that had burst.  At the time little was known about alternative treatments and I was supplied with HRT as a matter of course, I didn’t even question it. I have to say I felt amazing and 100% better.  However, 6 months later following a check-up it was found that I had the developed breast lumps and sadly breast cancer as well.  Off the HRT I came and down the slippery slope I went.  Cut a long story very short – I came through and was fine but sadly am now suffering from osteopenia as a result of poor bone density and lack of advice and information.

The feelings and experiences of women vary dramatically but within this article I am going to be giving a generalised overview of the remedies that I would recommend to help you through – naturally totally dependent on your personal feelings and situation.  Also, some general suggestions as to what you can do to help yourself and things to ask your GP.

First and foremost if you are looking to avoid HRT I would suggest you look at the supplements that are important to you, Black Cohosh is renowned for helping with hot flushes but give it time to work.  One month will not be sufficient.  Find yourself a good supply of Fish Oil – either through a diet of oily fish 9 at least 3 portions per week, or through supplement – linseed can also help as well.  Look at your levels of Vitamin D as well as these can help hugely with bone density but take advice from your GP as well to avoid other complications.

Relating to your emotions the remedies I have to offer are as follows: –

Walnut – is our key remedy to help with your way through the menopausal time, this remedy will help protect you from the emotional feelings that this period produces, it is a great leveller and will protect your emotions from outside influences.

Impatiens – very often the menopause can cause huge frustration and irritation within you – little things created within the family home can become mountains and result in major upset – Impatiens will free you from this.

Holly – the anger that can often occur and results from menopausal symptoms – holly will allow you to maintain a calm and peaceful attitude and generally feel much better about all going on around you.

Star of Bethlehem – this is a remedy for shock or trauma and is very useful where the menopause is early in life and for some women it can leave them feeling devastated and this beautiful remedy can just simply restore your sense of calm.

Mimulus – fear of the known – this may seem odd but if you are struggling to come to terms with your diagnosis, some women actually resent it and they are frightened as it signals to them old age and they find this very difficult to manage. Here Mimulus is a hugely beneficial remedy – to help you find the courage to move forward and face this new phase in your life.

Larch – a remedy for confidence – some women find that this time reduces them to complete emotional wrecks, this beautiful remedy is there for you to restore your self-esteem and allow you accept the fact that you can do all that you need and want to do.

The above is just a brief summary of some of the remedies that are key for your possible symptoms – there are 38 in total and amongst them I am sure we can find something to make your life better – one step at a time.