I have had numerous requests for case studies and I have decided that I can do this totally anonymously so here is the first to demonstrate how the Bach Flower Remedies can actually transform your life.
Back in November 2020 a mutual friend asked me to call a dear friend of hers who was struggling with anxiety and lockdown.
We had our first conversation, or should I say I phoned and as is often the case I just listened for about 45 minutes while this lovely lady poured her heart to me. Very often I only have to ask how can I help you and the tap is turned on and permission is given to let them just talk. This opening up can often be the first opportunity they have had to just talk.
This lady is in her early 70’s and putting not to finer point on it was absolutely terrified of going anywhere especially during the day. At night it wasn’t too bad as people couldn’t see her but during the day was really hard and often resulted in a panic attack. Initially it was a daily routine to have a panic attack.
This lady lived alone and despite having several grown up children and also grandchildren as well with Covid they were sadly unable to visit her. At the beginning of the first lockdown she had also lost her lodger of many years and the income from this had also gone.
Her prime fear factor was a constant feeling of wanting to run away and hide. She had kept her fears hidden from a lot of the family especially her grandchildren as she didn’t want them to feel this. She sadly had been subjected to 2 really harsh marriages which had been blighted by alcholism and violence and she had been left a shadow of her former self.
I gave her a combination of the remedies to treat the shock and trauma – Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose for the fright and flight, Sweet Chestnut for to enable her to find the light at the end of the tunnel, Mimulus for the fear of the known – looking at the fear of going outside, Larch for the total lack of confidence, Cherry Plum – to help control her emotions – there had often been thoughts of suicide and this lady has so much more to give, and Aspen for the unknown fears that lurked in the back of her mind.
I would also add that this lady has also been on Antidepressants for the last 9 years of her life. Still taking the same dosage.
We have had monthly conversations and sometimes we have had interim chats especially if she has been very low. After all our chats the remedy may be altered, however after the first consultation we decided that we would leave well alone to allow her emotions to settle.
Since then she has gradually got stronger, In January she got a part time job in a nursing home, she has been able to get to the shops and also get out in the car and travel to help her children who she was bubbled with in an emergency.
The remedies have changed with her slow transformation and to help her adjust to her new lifestyle.
Last week we spoke and she told me that she had stopped taking the anti depressants and had not renewed the prescription and was two weeks off them and as yet was not feeling any side effects.
She has had another bottle of remedies to see her through and support her this coming month but in her words – “she doesn’t feel she will be needing any more”
This time we have Elm to help her through any overwhelming feeling that may creep in without her tablets, we have the continuation of Larch and Mimulus and back up, Oak for her exhaustion as she is constantly doing things and finding it hard to relax and this remedy will be her answer, Olive for inspiration and reinvigoration and Walnut to protect her from the changes she is making.
This lady has made my heart sing as she shows just how wonderful these remedies can be and how they can have an utterly transformation effect on your life.
Do you need some help in your life? Would you like to be relieved of years of anxiety and stress? Let me know xxx