How are you sleeping?  Do you toss and turn at night?  Does your mind run riot as soon as your head hits the pillow?  Equally is your mind incredibly busy during the day? Do you find it difficult to forget unhappy events and arguments?  Do you relive unpleasant experiences?

If you are suffering from these persistent unwanted thoughts and mental arguments go round and round like a stuck record, this is going to lead to a troubled mind, it will be difficult to concentrate during the day and difficult to sleep at night.  I also suspect that you will be unable to concentrate at work.

You will have internal dialogues on many occasions – you will possibly verbalise your feelings as that of a hamster on a wheel.  I have also heard it like being like a catch tune that simply won’t disappear and are all consuming.

Very often people suffering like this will also find that they suffer from chronic frontal headaches particularly above the eyes, often these thoughts will prevent sleep but also wake around 4 in the morning with the same thoughts in the head.  Dr Bach said this state arises if the interest of the person in this situation is not strong enough to occupy the mind completely.

When you have these thoughts running around in your head it is exceedingly to concentrate on the job in hand for the day , whether you are in an office or driving, or working at home, or with children – whatever it is the concentration will not be where it needs to be and we need to do as much as possible to enable the mind to focus on the job in hand.

We need to prevent the ideas that flutter about like papers in disarray on a crowded desk, and the unimportant pieces conceal the important pieces this generally causes concern and can also result in the case of overwhelm as well.

The positive state of White chestnut the sufferer will be able to le the destructive thought impulses to pass them by.  Calm and peace are the key notes for this mental state, from the clarity of the consciousness, the answers and solutions appear of their own accord.  A person who is in a positive White Chestnut state can make constructive use of their mental abilities.

Prior to taking the remedy they would never have had the ability to make difficult decisions or have a sensible conversation are now able to make the decision and have a conversation.

In the past it has also been noted that White Chestnut in combination with Vervain has been very useful for those suffering from a stutter or stammer.

White Chestnut can also be immensely helpful for those who tend to have a butterfly mind and who tend to fly off in all directions just when its crucial to concentrate on the important matter in hand.  There is a tendency to run away from the tricky situation just at the crucial moment.

This amazing remedy will improve your concentration and work very constructively with your mental thoughts, you will find that out of your inner quiet, solutions for every problem will just arise on their own.

Quietening the mind will also hopefully allow you to relax more easily and also benefit from a better night’s sleep.