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Ros is a master at her trade. Truly professional and caring, she is an earth angel and I am delighted to give this 5 star review because she deserves it and I hope it will encourage others to reach out and ask for help when they need it. Ros gives you hope – thank you.

H Gale

Ros has helped me a huge amount over the last couple of months. I am now able to value and appreciate myself and the achievements I have made with a full appreciation that I didn’t have before. Thank you Ros for being so lovely, kind and understanding.

A Clover

Ros is so caring and wants to help you get better.
The back flower remedy Ros made for me has made a massive difference to my well being.
Highly recommend Ros to help you with life’s troubles
J Neal

I just wanted to thank Ros for her wonderful flower remedy and the knowledge she has to blend the right remedies for the feelings you are dealing with. I was suffering a lot with Anxiety, Fear, and Imposter Syndrome amongst many other negative emotions and almost 3 weeks in I am feeling so much better. I combatted a fear of heights this week and I couldn’t have climbed that 20m tree without the help of my remedy and rescue remedy pastilles. Ros is a wonderful human being and I absolutely love our catch ups it makes me realise how far I have come. Thank You

C Dartnell

Thank you Ros for your help getting me through a stuck time and feelings of overwhelm and sleeplessness.

You managed to sum up how I was feeling better than I could put it into words. You identified the areas holding me back and with your lovely remedies I am now starting to feel more in control of my life, finding myself again and having more clarity to look forward and start to plan. Sleep is so much better and I’m not feeling tired all of the time.

You have a magical way of understanding, calming and supporting happy results. You are kind, thoughtful and caring. Thank you. 😊

A Anderson

Ros has been treating me over the last year. The remedies have worked really well. I asked for help with low energy, low mood and in general being run down. The results have been awesome. Love the remedies, love them being natural, love the results. Thank you

H Hayes

Bach flower, reflexology and wise words… I’ve had all of these from Ros on many occasions.
She’s my “go to” therapist for all of these. Every time.
5 stars for Ros

K Henwood

Her caring nature, her intuition and kindness in sending me a remedy for overwhelm a few weeks ago. Thanks Ros.

M. Timms

I received two bottles of Bach Flower remedy from Ros, one for me and one for a dear family member.

My dear family member has been struggling with restless leg syndrome, anxiety and feeling stressed with this lockdown being one of the people who is classed as extremely vulnerable. I have to report that she has had two days of sleeping for 9-12 hours which hasn’t happened in years, she feels rested, calm and very very well. THANK YOU ROS, absolutely brilliant, she is feeling incredibly well.

And, I am also sleeping better and feeing really well.

I cannot recommend you enough for the service you provide, I am so grateful, THANK YOU.

L. Lloyd

Ros is just the most wonderfully loving and caring person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

She has helped me massively with her remedies and I am beyond grateful.

She listens and she cares and she always checks in to see how your doing.
Cant recommend her and her services enough!

L Petworth

Ros’s flower remedies have been amazing. Ros has been treating my Long Covid for a while now. My main symptom was chronic fatigue and a foggy head and I was feeling a little depressed as I was no longer the person I once was. Her remedies really helped me come to terms with my illness and allow myself to give my body the rest it needs. As a person who was previously really active and probably did way too much having to rest and take things at a slower pace has been difficult. I was struggling to accept my situation and was mourning my old self. Her remedies really help me overcome these issues and as a result my health has slowly got a lot better. Thank you Ros – you have made a massive impact on my quality of life and I don’t think I can ever thank you enough! If anyone else out there is suffering from similar symptoms please don’t suffer alone and speak to Ros.
R Oxenham

After a relationship break down I began working with Ros talking through some issues and using her Bach flower remedies. I’ve spoken with her once or twice most months since last summer and she’s given me different remedies depending on where I’ve been emotionally. I started off feeling lost, lacking in confidence and angry and now feel so much more able to take the world on, confident in my ability and excited about the future. I would thoroughly recommend speaking with Ros if anyone in the group has had similar issues with relationship breakdown, or even just lack of confidence, self doubt or overwhelm. Thank you so much Ros you’re awesome ❤
L Rumming

Ros prescribed a blend of Bach flower remedies to help our dog manage his anxiety when people come to the house. It has made a huge difference to his behaviour. We are so impressed.

J. Case

I spoke to Ros after having some issues with one of our pups. She made him a preparation after having a chat about his general wellbeing and symptoms, the difference was noticeable within days and really helped to balance him out. Would highly recommend Ros and would definitely use the remedies again. Thankyou.
J Douglas

The difference I feel after using the remedies that Ros prepared for me is simply amazing!

I can not believe the difference they have made to me and those around me. By being calmer, happier and more in control I feel my husband and children are now getting the best version of me again.

Highly highly recommend :0)

F Edwards

Ros is amazing and brilliant in listening to people to then be able to put together your personal Bach Flower Remedy. So helpful and caring too. Thank you.

P Boulton

Ros is such a caring person. She took the time to find out all the details of our dog’s behaviour so that she had a complete picture. Not only did Ros supply a specific remedy for him, she also used her vast knowledge of dog training and behaviour to suggest a couple of things that would help give him more confidence.

Since taking the remedy he is a different dog. He used to be nervous whenever another dog approached and would often lunge and bark out of fear. He now trots along quite happily, wags his tail at other dogs or ignores them and carries on enjoying following other scents.

Walks are now so much more pleasant. We’re not constantly on edge if another dog approaches. Our dog is so much happier in himself when he’s at home. He has also become a lot easier to train and will take training treats whilst on a walk – something he refused to do in the past.

Thank you so much Ros, I can’t recommend you highly enough, you are an absolute star!

T Truscott

I used some of the Bach flower remedies last year when I was going through a spell of high anxiety and they helped me immensely. I even got a treatment for my husband who was suffering from stress at the time and he seemed to be calmer after the treatment. Thanks Ros xx

C Holyoake

I was lucky enough to meet Ros through MNC. I have been using her remedy since Friday and I feel so much better. My anxiety has completely gone and my mind is so much calmer and I can think a lot more clearly.
Would highly recommend her remedies.
Ros was really lovely to talk to and I am very happy.
F Bird

I would recommend Ros for her Bach flower remedies. During lockdown she has called me, delivered and provided remedies for my husband and I. She listens and is empathetic and connects very quickly with your situation. Her relationship skills are great and the remedies have really helped to provide the balance that we both needed. Thank you

L Ranger

Ros is amazing, she has helped me deal with issues I’ve had for over 50 years. I now feel like a whole person, not the face with a smile that was false.
I will be eternally grateful for the support
Much love and respect Ros ❤️❤️
M Legg

Ros is amazing! So easy to talk to and she really gets to the root of what is going on and comes up with the perfect remedy. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend 😀

S Rebello

I have had Bach Flower remedies in conjunction with Reiki from Ros and found them both very beneficial. She is very caring and knowledgeable and works to get to the root of the problem.

D Morgan

I have known Ros for several years and been very sceptical of her magic potions.
My opinions of these remedies could not be more wrong and Bach Flower remedies have been incredible, I cannot believe the difference these natural remedies make.
Over the last few weeks I have had a few challenges in my personal life and also in business- the remedies have caused me to be calm and relaxed in dealing with these situations.
The session I had with Ros to find out if they were for me was an amazing and professional experience, Ros listened to my issues with a caring attitude then listed the remedies that would work for my issues- as she was listing them my grin grew and grew with worry at the price this would cost- I jokingly said that “this sounds like it is going to cost a fortune” as I needed so many remedies, but the price was very good value.
It was a very quick turnaround for noticing the impact that the remedies were having on me and have allowed me to relax and be calm during many challenging situations.
Thank you so much Ros for your help!!

O Clarke

Strongly recommended!❤️ the best

I. Tudurii

Ros is one of those special people that is a fantastic listener who instinctively knows how to help. She finds the right remedy and in such a calm and reassuring manner. I would highly recommend her.
D. Kempson

Thank you Ros. You listened and made suggestions that have worked really well. I was sceptical but I have been proved wrong. I am very pleased that I heard about you and the Bach remedies.
P Wakeford

Ros has been an immense source of support and help to myself and my son during lockdown.  She has nudged us with little reminders to stop and think about how we are feeling each day and to remember to take our Bach Flower remedies. The remedies have kept us on an even keel and helped us through some stressful moments.  We are very grateful to Ros – she goes further than the extra mile to help folk in need.

C. Strand

Ross helped me to see what I needed to do to help my dog feel happier when travelling in the car. The remedy she supplied helped us both on this journey.

L Pilling

I adore Ros and her remedies. So genuine, and really cares. The beginning of March saw me very unsure as to whether or not I was going to return as a holistic therapist on April 12th. I was suffering from extreme fatigue after COVID, and it didn’t look likely until Ros swooped in with her remedies. 12th April came and my energy levels where back to where they should be, anxiety levels were nowhere to be seen, and I was excited to be re-opening instead of the initial dread.

Highly recommend this wonderful soul! Thank you Ros xxx

J Waller

Ros has been absolutely amazing. I was introduced to her via the Salisbury Sausage dogs Facebook page. She had written a great post on how Bach Flower remedies could have this wonderful effect on dogs for problems like anxiety.
My boy Nelson suffers or I should now say suffered with anxiety. We had tried all sorts. My initial thought was well I don’t see it will help but I am willing to try anything.
I reached out to Ros and wow what a wonderful lady. So kind, considerate, genuine and dedicated to making people and animals lives better.
I spent ages on the phone going through the things that had caused Nelsons anxiety and then we moved on to me, I was not expecting it but Ros is so easy to talk to.
She suggested remedies for both Nelson and I. They quickly arrived and we started them. Within a few days I noticed a big difference in Nelson he was calmer, less reactive and we built on this. I personally became more relaxed, more in control. Things that used to bother me bothered me less, I was sleeping better and feeling better.
We continued the treatments and had monthly catch ups with Ros, talking through everything and tweaking the remedies for both of us to get even better results.
Ros also helped little Hugo my other sausage dog when he was chemically castrated, the hormonal change caused him to become a bit reactive but as with Nelson the remedies helped.
I am so very pleased I reached out to this wonderful lady. Our lives are better because of her and it’s a real pleasure to know her.
Amazing lady and amazing results thank you so very much 💛 pictures of my very happy boys we definitely give 5 out of 5 💛
K Blatchford

Just wanted to say that I had a very insightful one to one with Ros recently. Her knowledge of the flowers she uses in her Bach Flower Remedies is immense. She is warm, caring and very intuitive as to what will work for you. I have been taking the remedy she personalised for me for 2 weeks, and I am glad to say that amongst several of the issues lockdown has caused me to experience, my sleep deprivation has improved dramatically. Ros also takes the time to really listen and address the whole problem, not just part of it. Highly recommend her. Thank you Ros.

A Bloomfield

I Want to say a massive Thank you to Ros Thompson who has kindly offered to help me out when I am unwell and at a very low point and picked up on that and has offered her amazing support and really listened and will help me get back on the right path.

I look forward to trying the remedies tomorrow and cant wait to see the results. I will do an update in a few weeks. I already believe in her positivity and look forward to the results. If you are feeling unwell, unsettled, frustrated, low, anxious, angry, run-down, have no confidence, have suffered trauma or trying to tread water right now please contact Ros to discuss further. She is amazing!

V Hill

Ros is one of the kindest and most intuitive people I have had the pleasure to meet.
Within minutes of us talking, Ros completely understood how I was feeling and what remedy would help. I have been taking her remedy for just over a week and I feel so much better! Calmer, clearer and more composed.
Thank you so much for all your support and guidance xxx

H. Rhodes

It’s really quite magical what Ros is able to achieve with her remedies. My little girl was struggling with anxiety at the start of Lockdown 1.0 – her sleep was affected, her moods were turbulent, she was angry, she was dreaming about death and it was high in her consciousness despite trying our best to shield her from it (no news playing, no talking about it around her etc). Within two weeks of taking Ros’s remedies she was calmer, sleeping well and her anxiety was greatly reduced with her moods calming right down – it felt like we had our little girl back. I’d highly recommend giving it a go!

N Young

Ros is a soothing balm. She is brilliant at really listening to all you say to unpick the underlying emotions, fears and anxieties to best choose the most effective remedy for you. I have had long covid for 5 months and one of the hardest parts has been keeping positive and maintaining a happy outlook. Long covid left me feeling a shell of myself and full of angry, frustration, resentment, worry….the list went on. After just 2 courses of treatment, and some sage advice from Ros too, I feel positive, upbeat and buoyant. Of course I still have off days or negative emotions – but they are manageable My long covid hasn’t gone but it has significantly improved and I feel better able to manage my symptoms because and I no longer feel like I’m fighting a battle in my head to stay upbeat. I would highly recommend having a chat to Ros – her support and remedies are fabulous
A Pickett

Ros is the most amazing woman -she asks questions and she listens.

She totally understands the Bach remedies and has always been “spot on” when issuing them.

She tells you which ones she is using and why, allowing you complete understanding as to what and why you are taking.

Highly recommend

J Jones

Ros has helped me with anxiety and worry which I’m sure has effected a lot of people through this strange period we are going through. She is very calm and patient and works out perfectly what you need. The remedies I have had have really helped me and so good to use a holistic approach that actually works. I was quite sceptical at the beginning and now I’m a believer!! Thank you Ros.
N Scott

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