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Ros has been treating me over the last year. The remedies have worked really well. I asked for help with low energy, low mood and in general being run down. The results have been awesome. Love the remedies, love them being natural, love the results. Thank you

H Hayes

Bach flower, reflexology and wise words… I’ve had all of these from Ros on many occasions.
She’s my “go to” therapist for all of these. Every time.
5 stars for Ros

K Henwood

Her caring nature, her intuition and kindness in sending me a remedy for overwhelm a few weeks ago. Thanks Ros.

M. Timms

I received two bottles of Bach Flower remedy from Ros, one for me and one for a dear family member.

My dear family member has been struggling with restless leg syndrome, anxiety and feeling stressed with this lockdown being one of the people who is classed as extremely vulnerable. I have to report that she has had two days of sleeping for 9-12 hours which hasn’t happened in years, she feels rested, calm and very very well. THANK YOU ROS, absolutely brilliant, she is feeling incredibly well.

And, I am also sleeping better and feeing really well.

I cannot recommend you enough for the service you provide, I am so grateful, THANK YOU.

L. Lloyd

Ros prescribed a blend of Bach flower remedies to help our dog manage his anxiety when people come to the house. It has made a huge difference to his behaviour. We are so impressed.

J. Case

I would recommend Ros for her Bach flower remedies. During lockdown she has called me, delivered and provided remedies for my husband and I. She listens and is empathetic and connects very quickly with your situation. Her relationship skills are great and the remedies have really helped to provide the balance that we both needed. Thank you

L Ranger

I have had Bach Flower remedies in conjunction with Reiki from Ros and found them both very beneficial. She is very caring and knowledgeable and works to get to the root of the problem.

D Morgan

I have known Ros for several years and been very sceptical of her magic potions.
My opinions of these remedies could not be more wrong and Bach Flower remedies have been incredible, I cannot believe the difference these natural remedies make.
Over the last few weeks I have had a few challenges in my personal life and also in business- the remedies have caused me to be calm and relaxed in dealing with these situations.
The session I had with Ros to find out if they were for me was an amazing and professional experience, Ros listened to my issues with a caring attitude then listed the remedies that would work for my issues- as she was listing them my grin grew and grew with worry at the price this would cost- I jokingly said that “this sounds like it is going to cost a fortune” as I needed so many remedies, but the price was very good value.
It was a very quick turnaround for noticing the impact that the remedies were having on me and have allowed me to relax and be calm during many challenging situations.
Thank you so much Ros for your help!!

O Clarke

Strongly recommended!❤️ the best

I. Tudurii

Just wanted to say that I had a very insightful one to one with Ros recently. Her knowledge of the flowers she uses in her Bach Flower Remedies is immense. She is warm, caring and very intuitive as to what will work for you. I have been taking the remedy she personalised for me for 2 weeks, and I am glad to say that amongst several of the issues lockdown has caused me to experience, my sleep deprivation has improved dramatically. Ros also takes the time to really listen and address the whole problem, not just part of it. Highly recommend her. Thank you Ros.

A Bloomfield

I Want to say a massive Thank you to Ros Thompson who has kindly offered to help me out when I am unwell and at a very low point and picked up on that and has offered her amazing support and really listened and will help me get back on the right path.

I look forward to trying the remedies tomorrow and cant wait to see the results. I will do an update in a few weeks. I already believe in her positivity and look forward to the results. If you are feeling unwell, unsettled, frustrated, low, anxious, angry, run-down, have no confidence, have suffered trauma or trying to tread water right now please contact Ros to discuss further. She is amazing!

V Hill

Ros is one of the kindest and most intuitive people I have had the pleasure to meet.
Within minutes of us talking, Ros completely understood how I was feeling and what remedy would help. I have been taking her remedy for just over a week and I feel so much better! Calmer, clearer and more composed.
Thank you so much for all your support and guidance xxx

H. Rhodes

Ros has been an immense source of support and help to myself and my son during lockdown.  She has nudged us with little reminders to stop and think about how we are feeling each day and to remember to take our Bach Flower remedies. The remedies have kept us on an even keel and helped us through some stressful moments.  We are very grateful to Ros – she goes further than the extra mile to help folk in need.

C. Strand

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